Friday, December 20, 2013

Hometown Pride & Staying On Santa's Good Side...

If you've met her before, then you know how she can be.  If you haven't met her before then you are either new to this blog or you just look at the pictures and don't read the verbiage.  I've featured our "Miss(us) Elly" of Elly's Custom Upholstery twice before.  Once with her bold makeover of a loveseat for one of her clients.  The second time was a sweet looking chair which was much scarier beneath it's upholstered surface

Well, Elly is a combination of sweet & sass.  She walks that tightrope every day much to the amusement of those of us who get to see her in action.  Because she is full of spunk she really has to rein herself in when the holidays approach and the guy in the red suit starts making his list.  Look how far she went to redeem herself in 1995, although I'm not quite sure what list she is going for with this picture.  You decide.  Naughty or nice?

This year Elly's hometown of Green Cove Springs, Florida came calling with a special request.  Santa Claus was coming to town and they wanted to roll out the red carpet for him.  Preparations were to include making over his old worn out chair.  This is where they turned to the upholstery expert Elly.  Here's what it looked like...

Elly knew this chair would get a lot of use and suggested they go with a faux leather.  The fine folks at City Hall agreed and asked her to make it red.  Ever trying to get on that good girl list, no matter how late in the year it is or how slim her chances may be, Elly took the task on.  She reupholstered it in a true blood red color and trimmed it out with brass tacks. 

Let's see how she did...

Impeccable job as usual!  But, it's not me who she has to impress.   What does the jolly one think?  
From the look on his face, I think Elly has safely secured herself another year on the nice list.  Well done Elly!  Well done indeed.

You can check in with Elly on her Elly's Custom Upholstery Facebook page.  There you'll get to see more examples of her beautiful upholstery work.  Make sure you tell her you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  Also, weigh in on whether you think she's getting presents or coal this year.  I'm going with presents but once December 26th hits, you better look out!  There will be some serious misbehaving going on.  One last thing, today is HER BIRTHDAY!  Get over to Elly's Custom Upholstery and wish her a Happy Birthday.  Flood her page with well wishes.

Thanks so much Elly for sharing your very special furniture flip.

Okay dear readers.  Here's your invitation once again.  Feel free to email me your furniture flips.  You don't have to be a business to be featured.  Send me before/after pictures and tons of details to .  Be witty in your repartee and I just may run it as you send it!  Give myself a break.  Let someone else do the work for me.  

Have a fantastic Friday!
~ Stephanie


  1. It turned out amazing! Love the red! Great job Elly! Looking good in the hat!!! :)

  2. I think she was going for the nice and naughty list! Great job (as usual) Elly, the chair looks great.

  3. I swear I am going to take a piece to Elly one day! I know I am a few hours south, but I am thinkin' it would be worth the time. I actually have a few pieces in just to figure out when I got the time to take them! LOL

  4. I LOVE this Santa Chair... beautiful work Elly! <3


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