Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How To Make A Silk Purse From A Sow's Ear...

Boy!  THAT got your attention, didn't it?  Alas, I cannot take credit for the title of today's blog post.  That is courtesy of Elly from Elly's Custom Upholstery.  You may recall you met Elly in June when we featured a loveseat she had transformed.  Recently, Elly was commissioned to makeover this chair for a client.

Upon first glance, Elly could tell that it had been given the shabby chic treatment with an homemade upholstery job.  Actually it wasn't too shabby of a job for an amateur considering that a bed quilt had been used.  Elly knew her customer was on a shoestring budget. (Who among us isn't right?  Oh?  You aren't?  By chance do you have my name for Christmas?  I have a big list! Wink, wink!)  Elly gave her an estimate on what it would cost and the deal was made.  

Here's where the story gets mighty scary.  As our heroine Elly ripped into this project she quickly realized that not everything is as it first appears for lurking beneath the flowery fabric there were secrets buried.  Secrets that would send most of us running in the opposite direction.  

Eeeeeeekkkkk!!!!!!  The horror, the horror!! 
Did Elly run off screaming?  Well, no, that was ME interjecting myself into her story.  Hehehe. This lady has served in the Military.  She doesn't scare easily.  While I would have been out the front door, across her porch, down the stairs and around the corner at that discovery, Elly continued on like the true professional she is.  Here it is after the first layer has been removed.   

A toile print was picked out for the fabric.  It went perfectly with the painted wood.  Check out how precise Elly is in upholstering...look at how the print lines up.

Note the double welt trim.

And finally, the finished piece...

Silk purse from sow's ear!  Just like Elly said!  If that doesn't make you want to strap your couch or chair onto the roof of your car and head toward Florida then I think you better put your glasses on and take another look.  Amazing job!

Elly's Custom Upholstery is based in Green Cove Springs, Florida in this beautiful former home with quite the history.  You can also visit with Elly on her Elly's Custom Upholstery Facebook page.  While you are there ask her about the house's history and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks so much Elly for sharing your wonderful furniture flip.  

If you have a furniture flip you'd like to submit, please get your fingers going on that keyboard and email me your before/after pictures plus all of the details.  Send them to .  There's no rhyme or reason to how I pick our features, I usually just reach into the email-bag of flips and go with whatever moves me that day.  You could be next.  
~ Stephanie


  1. Gorgeous! Love that chair and love the toile.

  2. I have a facebook page for those who are restoring furniture. Would love to have this story posted. Would you please join us the site's name is "Furniture Finds". We are located in the Gonzales, LA, area. This piece is beautiful. Did I see either pine straw or horse hair as you removed the fabric?


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