Thursday, October 24, 2013

From An Oldie To A Goodie...

I've said it before and I'm saying it again:  People and their talent amaze me.  Take for instance, today's featured furniture flipper.  Meet Elisha of Pneumatic Addict Furniture.  She has a few loves of her life:  her handsome handy husband, her cute twin sons and her passion for building and refinishing wooden furniture.  It was at a yard sale that Elisha came across her oldest piece of furniture to date - this circa 1890 dresser.

Elisha was able to convince the seller to come down on the price because it was in need of major repair work.  It had a broken marble top, a missing caster, and a missing corbel.  Once Elisha finished her repairs, including making a new top for it, she was on to the fun part that we all love so much - the prettying it up!  

It was on this project that Elisha chose to use Milk Paint for the first time.  She went with Salem Red by Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. and was very pleased with the results it produced.  

Let's take a look-see at this dresser now...

Though not original, she kept the hardware that came with it and just removed the backplate behind it.  Combine that small change with the new top and color combo and it all pulls together.  It's truly a custom one of a kind piece. 

Pneumatic Addict Furniture is based in Queen Creek, Arizona.  Elisha grew up in a DIY household so it's in her bloodline.  You have to go check out her blog.  It's full of projects and if you have questions, she will gladly answer them.   Take a bathroom break and grab a cup of coffee before you head over, because there is a lot to see and you'll laugh out loud along the way.  It's there that you'll find even more details and pictures of this before and after.

Thanks so much Elisha for sharing your remarkable furniture flip.  

Oh, dear Furniture Flippin' readers - you may direct your comments to Elisha here or leave them on her blog.  Either way, let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'!  If YOU have a furniture flip you've done, whether you are a businessista, a hobbyist, or an out of necessity-ist (I just made two of those words up!  Give me credit if you use them!) we want to see what YOU have done!  So, if you aren't into bragging or your arm is too short to pat yourself on the back, let ME do it for you!  Email me at

Have a great Thursday!
~ Stephanie


  1. i want this in my house!! i love it undone, but i REALLY love it redone!

    1. Tell me about it! I was going to snatch it up before I found out it sold super quick!

  2. Thank you so much Stephanie! You made me sound awesome ; )

  3. gorgeous! I could never get this one in my home - my husband HATES RED! My dream barn was always the old fashioned red one....but that is not going to happen either


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