Thursday, December 19, 2013

Where There's A Will, There's A Way...

I have to let you in on a secret.  Well, it's not really a secret if you are one of the ones I've directed in the past to today's Furniture Flipper.  If you aren't let me fill you in...frequently I get asked a question about furniture flippin' and sometimes I answer with my own vast knowledge on the subject.  (I'm laughing just typing that sentence!)  Other times, I just reply, "Here.  Here's a link to a great tutorial on it.  I trust this lady.  She won't steer you wrong.  Now beat it.  Leave me the heck alone."  Then I send the person to Denise at Salvaged Inspirations.  Okay, so I don't tell them to leave me the heck alone.  Maybe I did tell one person that, but it might have been my sister and I was busy (goofing off) and she was interrupting my train of thought (Words With Friends move).  I bet Denise would never tell her sister to bug off.  Not after the two of them have invested so much time training her sister's fiancee Will so will, I mean well.  It was Will after all, who spotted this hitchhiking hutch and insisted they rescue it for Denise to re-do. 

Denise has had good luck in the past with China Cabinets.  Remember this one we featured back in May?  Mr. Fifty Shades of Grey-Green as I lovingly like to call it?   That was also a hitchhiker.  (Where, oh, where are these pieces of furniture heading?  If I find out they were trying to hitchhike to Illinois to live with me, I will be furious.  I already have one circumventor who lives in Michigan sidelining all of the dressers.  Now, I have to worry about our Canadian neighbors, too?) 
This cabinet was structurally sound but the paint job was all chipped, the backboard had water damage and it sported cheapo knobs.  All simple stuff to fix for Denise.  She gave this baby a new paint job, swapped out the knobs with handmade knobs (Yes!  Handmade!) from Jacqui at Porta Verde Studios (you saw her here just 9 days ago) and (Hang onto your hats!  This is C-O-O-L!)  she made the back reversible.  That's right!  Two looks in one!  You can choose to show the solid white side OR the stenciled side. What's even COOLER though is that the stencil Denise used is a DIY stencil that she made.  She not only made it, but she is willing to teach YOU how to make your own!  (Merry Christmas readers!  This is one heck of a blog post today you are getting.  You.  Are.  Welcome.)  

First things first, let's check out the after on this hutch...

Is that an incredible transformation or what?!?  (Look at how clean her wood floors are, too.  Mine do not look like that!)  Now, here's what you need to do.  Get yourself over to Salvaged Inspirations and check out the tutorial on how she made that stencil.  She shows you step by step.  While you are there, check out what other great tutorials she has to share.  Then ask her about Stu.  Seriously, ask her about Stu.  Finally, tell her I sent you!  You can handle all of that, right?  I thought so!  You can also follow along on her adventures on her Salvaged Inspirations Facebook page but not until AFTER you check out her blog and tutorials.  You've got some learnin' to do first. 

Thank you Denise for sharing your phenomenal furniture flip!

I'll give you one more look at this flip but first I have a message for my brothers-in-law, Terry & Scott:  See how Will is finding furniture for Denise and he isn't even married to her sister yet?  What's up with that?  I'm your sister-in-law.  I have been for a long time.  You are supposed to be scouting out furniture for me in your daily travels.  Get on that, will ya?
Happy 6 More Days Until Christmas Day!
~ Stephanie


  1. One of many beautiful pieces from Salvaged Inspirations. Well done!

  2. Denise is one talented lady and I always love looking at her posts...she is very inspirational! Love all your posts too Stephanie!

  3. Wow!! And reversible? Wow...very beautiful...I love it!
    Debbie :)


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