Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Woman With Moxie Uses Epoxy...

Oh, you poor old sideboard, you.  Here you are smack dab in your twilight years and what happens to you?  You find yourself falling apart.  Your finish was dull and scratched, you know, kind of blah and lifeless.  Plus, you had a big chunk missing from a drawer.  It happens to the best of us.  


I feel for you.  I really really do.  I'm not quite in my twilight years (I don't think so at least, maybe they've changed the age range, who knows?).  However, I admit I have held my face back like the lady in this ad and asked my handsome handy husband for a piece of tape.  He always declines and says "It's not what's on the outside that's important.""  I ask you, WHO WANTS TO HEAR THAT?!? Nobody!  That's who!  
I've recently even wondered aloud if a child's ear muff placed around the back of my neck would have the same tightening effect.  Or maybe a choker of some sort.  Hhmmm...I'll do some research and get back with you all.  Triple H will NOT be on my research council, I can assure you of that.  He's biased.

This wonderful aging buffet though had some work done.  Some "plastic" surgery in the form of epoxy administered by a renowned furniture doctor of sorts.  You might know her.  I'm talking of Jaqui of Porta Verde Studio.  I first met Jacqui back in May of this year.  At that time she had performed a very successful reassignment surgery, in that she took a trunk and turned it into a coffee table.  

This time around on this particular subject, she ended up rebuilding the drawer with wood epoxy paste and then refinished all the wood.  Jacqui stained it a dark walnut then went over the details with ebony.  She then clear coated all the wood with several coats of hand rubbed finish in oil.  Finally, Jacqui painted the remainder with black satin oil paint and then very lightly distressed it.  Did all of this hard work pay off?  I'd say so!  

Check it out now...

Breathtakingly be-YOU-tiful!  I adore this piece!  That color combination of the wood and black paint, is gorgeous dahling!  Well done Jacqui!

Porta Verde Studio is based in Toronto.  You can follow along with Jacqui and her work on her Porta Verde Studio Facebook page.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  She has a lot more inspirational pictures to show you on there. 

Thanks so much Jacqui for sharing your lovely furniture flip!

Okay, the rest of you.  Show of hands if you've done the holding the back of your neck thing in front of the mirror.  If I'm being honest here, then so can you.  It's a safe place here. 
Two down, three more flips to go this week!  I'll see YOU tomorrow!

~ Stephanie 


  1. This is stunning... very classy looking piece now.. It has life again.

  2. Stephanie, thanks so much for featuring my sideboard. It's always a priviledge to be included in the roster of your very talented furniture artists.

    1. You are so welcome Jacqui! It is such a stunningly beautiful piece! I love it!


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