Friday, September 20, 2013

You Made Your Bed... SIT on it!  Yes, I know that's not how the saying goes, but it applies to this furniture flip.  

It's Friday and for that we are all so thankful.  We're counting down the hours until the weekend "officially" begins.  For some of us though, like Nicole and Brandt of Rescued Furnishings, the weekend begins TODAY!  They've been busy readying their booth at the St. Louis Vintage Market Days which is being held today thru Sunday, September 22, 2013.  We first met this talented duo a few months ago and they've been non-stop busy ever since.  Let's take a look at their latest furniture flip, shall we?

Here's where we have to use OUR imagination because this dear young husband/wife duo did the same thing a certain other not as young husband/wife duo did.  They remembered the BEFORE picture mid-way through the  construction.  So, imagine this is just a bed...

Can you picture it?  Squint your eyes and look again.  Now you see it!  Don't you?  Good.  Let's move on.  

Nicole purchased this bed as part of a French Provincial set from a garage sale she attended.  The other pieces are patiently waiting their turn to be made over.  The bed though was part of a plan they had envisioned for some time.  This bed was to become a bench.

Their original plan was to cut the footboard and use it as the sides but Brandt (the handsome handy husband) had the idea to use it for the front.  They doweled the sideboards into the front and back (Nicole admits that's his area of expertise, not hers.  You're preaching to the choir Nicole.  That's not my area either.)  He's the handy one.  (I like to say we're the designers and they are our carpenters.)  They used 1x6's for the top.  They found this great yellow paint and used that on the whole thing then stained the boards for the seating area. 

Here's a work in progress shot...

After putting it together, and after Nicole's own Triple H MADE his own plugs for the screw holes on the top, they restained only to remember that stain doesn't just blend in like paint does.  So, they sanded it back to the bare wood and restained.  

That did the trick!  Let's take a look at this beautiful bed turned bench now...

Superb!  Isn't it a beauty?  Well, how'd you like this gorgeous bench to be sitting in your home?  It can be!  It'll be in their booth this weekend.  I think you should buy it!  

You can find more of Rescued Furnishings work on their blog,  You can also buy online from them at their Etsy Shop.  To follow along with them and their adventures, you can check them out on their Rescued Furnishings Facebook page, too!  Let them know here, there or in person that YOU saw THEM on Furniture Flippin'!   If YOU happen to buy this bench featured here, please be sure and get a picture of YOU and THEM with it.  Then email it to me!  I always like to hear what becomes of the furniture we feature here.

Thanks so much Nicole and Brandt for sharing your spectacular bed turned bench furniture flip!

If you have a furniture flip you'd like us to share with our readers, please don't hesitate to email us your before/after pics and all the details.  Just hit "Submit Your Flip" above.  We'll be watching for it!


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  1. Love this flip! And what is this St Louis Vintage market?? I am only an hour from STL...
    google don't fail me now!


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