Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Cellar Dweller Turned Stellar...

Here's the story of a cellar dweller, 
who was lingering down there for many years. 
Not sure what he had ever done,
he just knew his owner wanted him gone.

Til the one day when this cellar dweller met this couple,
and they knew it was much more than a hunch.
That these two would somehow make him over
and they would become the furniture bunch.   

(Hopefully you dear flippin' readers were singing that to the tune of The Brady Bunch.  You got that, right?) 

Meet Nicole and Brandt of Rescued Furnishings .  They are an awesome husband/wife duo who aren't afraid to tackle any kind of furniture makeover.  (Triple H - SEE!  IT'S ANOTHER HUSBAND/WIFE TEAM!  You aren't the only guy out there helping his little woman rescue unloved and unwanted furniture.  There's a whole mess of ya' out there!  You guys could start a club or something!)

Now, let's meet that little cellar dweller aka worn & tired buffet, shall we?

Look ^ It's "Nipper" the RCA Victor dog!  Or at least it certainly looks like him!  Too cute!

Anyway, back to our story...

This buffet was not only big and heavy, but stubborn as well.  Sanding was done, 5 coats of primer were applied to prevent bleed through AND 2 coats of a creamy white were applied to it.  The handles were done in black and really "pop" now.  Nicole admits it was SO MUCH work but totally worth it.

Are you ready to see this bad boy now?  He's a beaut!  

Handsome, indeed!  He's also AVAILABLE!  You can see him up for grabs on Rescued Furnishings Etsy page.  Can't you see him sitting in your home?  I can!  You can also visit him and other magnificent pieces on Rescued Furnishings Facebook page.  While you are there, let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'!  Follow along with them, as well, at their blog, Rescued Furnishings & Other Adventures.  They are a super fun couple!

Thanks Nicole & Brandt for sharing your awesomely terrific furniture flip!  And, Nicole...we'll be waiting for the picture of you jumping up for joy! 


  1. Beautiful piece. These big pieces I avoid but always thrilled see them finished. Awesome job.


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