Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Keeping Harmony...

Welcome to Wednesday and drumroll, please...BLOG POST #300!  Funny thing is, had I not taken that super long break I'd be way past 300 now.  Oh, well.  I'm excited about today's furniture flip and I think you will be, too.  

Today, we are heading to the Starved Rock area in the Illinois Valley.  We're going to Utica!  Why Utica?  Because that's where we will find my buddy Michelle.  She's the very lovely proprietor of Harmony Paintings & Home Decor.  One of my favorite shops.  Look at how cute that street is!  

You've met Michelle here before.  Her flips that have been featured in the past are still big draws to the blog.  I check the stats and see how people make their way to the blog, and her furniture brings 'em in!  Here's a look at what we've featured in the past...
Go Bold Or Go HomeA Prairie State Great
Aren't they pretty?  You should have seen the really rough shape the one on the left was in.  It would have scared most people away.  If you click on them, they'll take you right to their write-ups and you can see just how awful they looked before.  (No offense furniture.  You don't look that way now, of course.  Hey, I look awful before I'm made up, too.  Trust me.  And even after I'm made up depending on the day.)

Now today's piece is a solidly built buffet.  Michelle wasted no time transforming it.  Whereas it would have taken yours truly, days of whining, a couple of Bloody Mary's and tons of breaks, Michelle completed this one and it's on the floor waiting for it's forever home. 
There's a lot I like about this piece.  The handles for one are awesome!  That top drawer is well, top shelf!  The storage I can always appreciate.  More places for someone to stash stuff and forget where they put it.

Michelle recognized the details that stood out on this piece and decided to accentuate their beauty by painting the other areas in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint's Graphite with Clear Wax. 
Michelle is a Stockist for Annie Sloan.  She also offers workshops at her store so you can learn the proper techniques to transform your own items! 

Let's check out the entire piece now...

Beautiful.  In addition to her fabulous furniture, she carries a wide variety of items including, Swan Creek Candles & Melts, scarves, wine glasses, antique and vintage items, and so much more.  One of my most favorite gifts this past Christmas was from a friend of mine.  The minute I saw the bag I knew where it came from!  Harmony Paintings & Home Decor.  (Hint, if you are buying me something, go there.  I'll be happy with whatever you get me!)

You can visit with Michelle at her store or head on over to her Harmony Paintings & Home Decor Facebook page.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  

Thanks Michelle for being blog post #300 today and for being my go-to door lady.  Of the five interior doors in our house, Michelle found three of them for me!  

Did you get YOUR flip submitted yet?  Two more to come this week and I haven't picked them yet.  It could be you! 
~ Stephanie  

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