Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sing A Song Of Steel Toed Shoes And Coffee Tables...

Some days I sit down to write and I can't think of one darn thing to say!  How so very much not like me.  Me! Me who's mind can wander all over the map.  Me, who can talk my husband's ear off.  I am sitting here at my twice flipped secretary desk and I can't think of the angle I'm going to use in writing today's blog post.  Let's just free flow it and see where that takes us.  Are you game?  I am.

On Saturday, I was riding in Daryl The Truck with my handsome handy husband at the wheel.  Carrie Underwood's song "Heartbeat" comes on.  In it, she sings "Standing on your shoes in my bare feet, dancing to the rhythm of your heartbeat".  I turn to my guy and say, "I hope he is wearing steel toed shoes.  Think about it.  She wants to dance with him by standing on his shoes like a little kid would do.  So, unless he is wearing steel toed shoes, I would think that having a grown woman standing on your shoes wouldn't be that comfortable and it would be hard to dance that way.  I could see dancing with a little kid like that but not a grown woman."  Once he realized I was talking about the song, he gave me a "You're strange".  (It's a good day when I can get at least three "you're strange" out of him before breakfast.)  Just to prove my point later on, we were sitting on the couch in the family room (no doubt watching NCIS reruns) when I got up to get a drink, stopped in front of him and stood on his steel toed shoes.  I said, "See?  Now imagine how much more that would hurt if you were wearing your tennis shoes."  He agreed and I didn't point out to him that he shouldn't be wearing his shoes in the family room anyway.  I let that one slide.

Speaking of shoes in the family room, (or living room) if I owned the coffee table that our flippin' friend Michelle of Vintage Appeal just refinished, I'd be livid if anyone put their steel toed shoes on it.  Now, if it looked like it did when she started it, I wouldn't be too mad.  Because...well, look at it!  It's rough!  It's probably seen more than it's fair share of shoes on it.

Michelle...she's adorable.  She makes my job easy.  I love logging onto Facebook and seeing her latest creation.  She shares them on my page and I just love her enthusiasm for her craft.  She's a sweetheart.  I'm always getting on to her (you should listen to me here, too) about putting her name on her pictures.  So, when they end up floating around on the big old world wide web, everyone and their brother will know she is responsible for that beauty.  (Sometimes I feel like stamping my name on my kid's foreheads for the same reason.  Other days, eh, not so much.)  

Michelle painted the table in General Finishes Antique White and stained it using their Walnut stain.  She then lightly distressed it and added a custom glaze finish. Finally she added three coats of GF High Performance. She retained the original hardware.

Let's check out the after...

Isn't lovely?  Now if you end up being the person that purchases this coffee table, do me a favor...keep your darn feet off if it!  It's too pretty for feet.

If you'd like to buy this coffee table or just ooh and ahh over more of Michelle's work, head over to her Vintage Appeal Facebook page.  She is located in Louisiana.  Get over there and tell her you saw her on Furniture Flippin'!

Thanks Michelle for sharing your work.  Keep 'em coming!

The rest of you.  Tomorrow marks my 300th blog post.  I haven't written it.  If you want it to be you, well, there's little chance of that happening unless you've submitted your before/after pics & details to me at furnitureflippin@gmail.com
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie


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