Friday, February 12, 2016

Chalk It Up To Good Taste & A Valentine's Giveaway...

It's the Friday before Valentine's Day and boy, do I have a special Furniture Flip for you today!  Not only that, but there's a chance to win a Chalky Patina Paint Package from Bluestone House™ worth $150!  You can thank my flippin' friend Denise of Salvaged Inspirations for this wonderful opportunity.  

If you don't already subscribe to Salvaged Inspirations blog or follow her Facebook page, you are missing out.  Denise very generously shares the steps she takes in accomplishing her furniture makeovers on her blog.  Do you know how invaluable that alone is?  Not only will she teach you a thing or two, you'll have fun along the way because she is a riot.  
Let's take a look at her one of her latest pieces.  She began with this lovely dresser.  The dresser had spent some time in the past as a dog's chew toy.  It's legs bore the scars of that pup.  That didn't deter Denise.   She fell in love with it.

This is Denise
This is me
Denise did a "Wash & Dry" technique on it.  (I'm going to butt in here and say, that I adore Denise.  The only thing where she & I could have a parting of ways is in regards to a different "wash & dry" technique.  She has a dishwasher but doesn't use it.  She prefers to wash dishes by hand.  That almost could make me dump her as my friend.  I have a dishwasher and I can't live one day without it.  Opposites attract tho, so I won't break her heart two days before Valentine's Day.) 

Denise repaired the dog chewed area with Bondo.  She then sanded down the entire dresser and removed the dust.  After completing her "Wash & Dry" technique, she added new hardware along with the original.  Then she lined the drawers.  

Now without further ado, let's check out the entire piece completed...
Isn't that lovely?  Denise has excellent taste.  You can read all of the steps it took to accomplish this makeover at Salvaged Inspirations.  While there you can also find out how to enter for the Bluestone House™ Valentine's Day Giveaway.  The package includes: 
  • French Country 473ml/16oz
  • Bluestone 473ml/16oz
  • Moulin Rouge 236 ml/8oz
  • Emma 120ml/4oz
  • Vintage Velvet 120ml/4oz
  • 100% All Natural Bee's Wax 120ml/4oz
  • Small Brush
  • Sanding Block
  • Buffing Rags
  • Color Card 
You only have a couple of days left to enter.  So hurry! 
Be sure and check out Denise's past projects featured here. 
I showed you her "Fifty Shades of Grey-Green" China Cabinet.  I also featured her "Stenciled China Cabinet".   Gorgeous!

Thanks so much Denise for sharing your latest furniture flip and for letting the Furniture Flippin' readers in on this giveaway.

That wraps up another week of Furniture Flippin'.  I hope you've submitted your own Furniture Flips.  If you haven't you can email me at .  Send before/after pics and all the details you'd like to share.
Have a great weekend and Valentine's Day!
~ Stephanie


  1. You're frigg'n hilarious! Your posts always give me a laugh. Thanks for the share and good luck to all your Furniture Flippin' readers who enter the giveaway. Happy Valentine's!

  2. I am also an admirer of Denise's work. Always beautiful. Always so professional looking. Always so tempting (I must admit, I did succumb acouple of years ago and bought the piece you featured "Fifty Shades of Grey/Green"). Thanks Stephanie for always being as generous as Denise in sharing others' work


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