Thursday, February 11, 2016

For The Love Of It...

Here is what is on my mind this morning:  "Grey's Anatomy" is back on tonight.  (About dang time!)  I'm so glad they moved their time to 7pm this season.  (Us old people like to be in bed early!) My sister said that the cast of "The Walking Dead" will be on "Inside The Actor's Studio" tonight, so I have to remember to DVR that.  My honey's Valentine's Day gift should be arriving today.  First and foremost on my mind?  Will I ever find the piece of furniture that will work as a coffee bar for the chalkboard wall in Zach & Becky's apartment?  Have you ever been on the hunt for just the right item for a certain spot in your house?  Sometimes the hunt seems to last forever.

Our Furniture Flipper Annette Bucklyn Miner knows how that it.  She was looking for a piece to repurpose into a small bar.  It also had to fit a specific space.  Lucky for her she found this Secretary Desk.  It only measures 27" wide and it was the perfect size she needed.   

Annette scraped the dated gold grid off of the glass and removed the inside cubby.  (I despise painting cubbies!  I'm sitting at a desk right now that has a cubby and I had to paint that thing twice because I hated the first color I used so much.  Come to think of it, I think my handsome handy husband finally finished it for me.)

Annette and her husband spend their winters in Florida.  She was looking to achieve a coastal & beachy feel with this piece.  She painted it a light gray and then did a whitewash over it all.  

The inside was painted using American Paint Company's Surfboard.

I love that color.  Nice and delicately light.  It goes together well with the exterior.  


So there would be no mistaking what the new purpose of this Secretary is...(no getting coffee for the boss anymore, she'll be serving drinks!), Annette added an invitation to the party on it, by painting "The Bar" on the outside of the slant top desk door.  

Once that door is opened, you see the real party begins.  The bar "Is Open". 

Annette also painted some fun numbers to each of the three drawers.

As you can see, it fits that little wall perfectly and it also holds it's liquor very well, too! 

Well done Annette!  Annette says she just flips furniture for herself and her family. Someone once said to her "only do it for love, 'cause when you start charging money they start bitchin'".  Annette writes, "Sometimes I totally reinvent a piece and sometimes it's just painting and changing hardwareI've made kitchen islands out of maple buffets and outside potting benches out of old doors. All because I love doing it!"

Thanks so much for sharing your furniture flip Annette!  We'd love to see what else you've done.

Dear readers, you don't have to flip furniture for a profit to be featured here.  If you have a piece of furniture that you've made over, let's see it!  Email me before/after photos and info you'd like to share to  Your flip might inspire another person!  

See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie   


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