Monday, March 24, 2014

Hey, Faye!

Even though Facebook annoys the heck out of me with the way they operate, I love my Furniture Flippin' page on there and the interaction I have with so many wonderful people.  I can't remember what I did two days ago but I can remember things about the people who visit with me there.  I know a certain Nicole will always reply, "I have no idea what's for dinner!" when I ask every night.  (She cracks me up.)  I know if I travel to Indiana I can probably meet people from one end to the other as that state seems to have an abundance of great furniture flippers.  I know that April's husband cooks most of the meals at their house.  I know that Dennis is getting ready for a big nine day festival in Round Top, Texas.  I know that Randy, well, she's partial to red furniture.  Faye Hunt caught my eye because of her first name.  Faye.  

My mom had a best friend when we lived in the Chicago suburbs (Park Ridge & Des Plaines) and her name was Faye.  I have always wondered over the years what became of Faye.  Now, Faye Hunt isn't that Faye but every time I see her post, I think of my mom's friend.  I went to Faye's page Faye Hunt Designs.  I saw a post saying she was hoping to reach 200 likes by the end of March.  I thought, "I can help her do that."  Then I looked up at the top of the page and saw she had already achieved that goal.  I was a day or two late.  That's okay.  Instead, I'm just going to show you an awesome furniture flip she did.  She began with this...

In that picture, she had spent a lot of time already cleaning it up and prepping it for paint.  She had applied the first coat to the top.  

She began painting the piece in an ombre effect using a combination of CeCe Caldwell Seattle Mist & Pittsburgh Grey. The light color on the top drawers is a combination of a couple of Maison Blanche colors.  She decided on stripes for the sides.  Then she moved on to staining, then painting the outside of the drawers and lining the inside of them. An application of wax and varnish completed it.

Check out how ordinary and dull became extraordinary and beautiful...



Isn't it something else!?!  I adore that.  I'm not the only one because it is sold.  

Faye Hunt Designs is based in Naples, Florida and you can find their furniture makeovers and more at Treasure Island Antiques.  You can also purchase from Faye online at Faye Hunt Designs and follow along with her on her Facebook page, too.  

Let's take one more final look at the entire finished piece.

Stunning!  There you have it!  The first flip of this new week.  Four more to go!  Will it be one of yours?  If you haven't sent one in yet, please feel free to do so!  Email me before/after pictures and a lot of details to .
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie


  1. Stephanie….you are so cool, OMG I nearly fainted…thank you so I know why the likes keep coming. I'll be the new Faye in your life. Besides we have those family pictures in common!!!!LOL

  2. Beautiful job Faye turned out great!

  3. Yes, beyond fantastic! Stripes are so cabana like!


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