Friday, February 21, 2014

Help Me Vonda. Help, Help Me Vonda...

In a perfect world we would all have a friend the likes of Vonda from Antiqued With Love.  A friend we could call on when we want a piece of furniture redone and don't want to do it ourselves.  I fall into that friend category but for some reason my friends bring me bananas and ask me to turn it into banana bread.  Nobody has asked me to stretch my painting abilities to encompass making over a china cabinet.  Vonda's friend did though.  But Vonda's got oodles of talent in the painting department and I have bread pans and a secret banana bread recipe.  Hehehehe...which reminds me...Katalin, your bread is still in my freezer.  Come pick it up.

Vonda's friend gave her free rein on it.  She just asked that it be painted in Khaki.  So, Vonda gave it a good sanding and cleaning.  She then applied an all over stain block primer and started painting.

Vonda writes, " I wanted certain parts to stand out so that's what I painted differently.  I stained the inside a dark walnut so the gorgeous detail in the door would pop! Before it was painted, you could barely see the faint detail that is on the drawer, but it was beautiful, so I wanted it to be seen."

She hand painted the khaki color inside the details. After it was all dry, Vonda lightly distressed.   She applied dark wax to the piece which made the details stand out even more.  

Let's take a look at the stunning after of this piece...

Isn't that gorgeous?  Well done!  Beats the heck out of what I created for my friend...although in my defense you can eat what I made.  You can't eat a china cabinet even if you are a woodchuck because woodchucks don't eat wood nor do they chuck it.  

Let's take another look at the details of this gorgeous redo...
you might recall seeing Vonda's work here before.  Remember the sweet Owl chest of drawers she did?  Then she painted that whimsical vanity that we all coveted.   

You can find Vonda on her Antiqued With Love Facebook page.  Be warned though that she has TONS of awesome furniture flips on there.  So, you better take a beverage with you and leave a note for your family, because you'll be there awhile.  While you are there, tell her Furniture Flippin' sent you.  

Thanks so much Vonda for sharing your remarkable furniture flip!  

So concludes another week on "As The Furniture Turns".  We will take a brief break for the weekend and see you back on here on Monday.  In the meantime, send in your flip!  Email before/after pictures and a ton of details to .  

Have a safe weekend!
~ Stephanie


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