Thursday, February 20, 2014

Beware Of The Thumbnail Pic...

...for it could be a trick.  Raise your hand if you think this guy is really looking for a woman age 40-50?  Put your hand down or your glasses on!  I'll tell you right now he's not.  I highly doubt this guy needs help getting a date. 

Today's furniture flipper is here to teach us all a lesson in online pics.  Beware of the thumbnail because it doesn't tell the whole tale.  This one has a happy ending though!

Meet Barbara of Painted Lady By Barbara Boyles.  She recently bid on a French Empire dresser that was listed on an online auction site.  She won.  However, once she got the dresser, she realized that it wasn't as good as the picture portrayed.  Have no fear though, because EVERY good furniture flipper knows "it can be fixed".   

Barbara said when she brought this dresser home it swayed a good five inches from side to side.  Her husband and daughter both, practically in unison, asked if she was crazy.  Barbara knew though.  She knew this piece was going to be beautiful.  With the help of her handsome handy husband Bill, she made the necessary repairs.  

Then she went to work dressing her up.  She applied a leather look treatment to her using black kraft paper.  

This was followed by a painted stencil design using four different metallic paints.  Barbara loves paisley so she went with a paisley design.  

Look at her now!  Isn't that a remarkable transformation?!?  Some people's imagination makes me feel VERY INFERIOR!!  Thanks a LOT Barbara!  

Painted Lady By Barbara Boyles is located in Conway, Arkansas and their specialties are creating artistic, hand finished furniture for their clients.  You can follow along with Barbara's adventures and see more examples of her work on her Painted Lady By Barbara Boyles Facebook page.  Get on over there and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.   (AND, DO NOT answer that guy's ad I showed you above.  He is a CATFISH.)

Thanks so much Barbara for sharing your beautiful furniture flip!

Wow!  Four days down and one more to go before we close out this week.  Have you submitted your flip?  Have you subscribed to the blog by email?  Have you submitted your "What Would You Do?" pictures?  Have you decided what you are going to get me for Christmas?  Have you pinned any of our features?  Get busy!  There's only so much time in the day.  I'll see you tomorrow but first leave you with one more picture of Barbara's flip for sale.  You should buy it.  

See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie


  1. This has to be one of my top favorites that you've featured on your blog. Love love love the transformation.

  2. This is an amazing transformation. I want to get right out there and try this!!

  3. Fabulous Miss BB! Artiste extraordinaire!

    1. Barbara Boyles is master of the art! I just love her creations and this is one of my favorites!


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