Thursday, January 16, 2014

Make It Glimmer With A Bit Of Shimmer...

...and you'll look slimmer!  Not really, but can you imagine if that was the case?  If today's furniture flip actually DID have the power to make you look slimmer when you sat down in front of it?  If that was the case, I think I'd buy some of these "As Seen On TV" forearm straps* and wear this vanity around my waist all day long. 

I think when it comes to this vanity a more appropriate title for this blog post would be "Make It Bold & It Gets SOLD!", because, that's exactly what happened.  Say hello to Kimberly of Pretty 'N Chic Furniture.  

About six years ago, before Kimberly had even thought of getting into furniture flippin', she was spending her spare time making jewelry.  At the time, her brother Sean was volunteering his time at a local thrift store where he happened to spot that French Provincial style vanity.  Sean phoned his sister and said, "They have the perfect beading desk here for you."  Kim rushed over to check it out and fully agreed with her brother's assessment.  It WAS perfect for her. She bought it up and took it home.

Flash forward a few years, her beading days are over and her furniture flippin' days were beginning.  She gave this piece a makeover using the color scheme of grey and white.  She was less than thrilled with the outcome.  Kimberly pushed this piece to the background where it lingered for about a year while she worked on more furniture.  Remember the ginormous 7 foot Hutch she did?  I showed it to you last June.  

One day Kim came across the "Shimmer" line of paint by Shabby Paints.  Inspiration struck and back to the front of the line the vanity went.  She chose the colors Passion Pink and Stunning Silver.

Kim knew this was the combination needed to take this from drab to fab.  

See if you agree...let's take a look at this beauty now...

What a night and day difference!  She didn't stop there, because once you open the vanity top you are greeted with more glamour.

I think it's stunning.  Somebody else out there thinks so, too, because it sold very quickly.  (I'm guessing it's enjoying primo real estate in someone's boudoir and NOT being worn as an article of clothing.  That would be funny to see though.  Although, it would be hard to fit through doors and those turnstyle things at Menards.)

Thanks so much Kimberly for sharing your splendid furniture flip.  She's a beauty.

You can check out more of Kim's work on her Pretty 'n Chic Furniture Facebook page.  She is located in Vacaville, California where she sells her items both locally and online.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  

*Okay, dear readers listen up...ESPECIALLY those of you who are women and furniture flippers.  If you have a male in your life that is your designated furniture mover and he spots that picture above of the forearm straps, you tell him I said they are sold out.  They aren't, but he is only expressing interest in them so he doesn't have to do the heavy lifting anymore.  He will point out that those two ladies in the photo are lifting a giant armoire by themselves.  If he presses the issue, tell him you'll order them.  Then later tell him they are on back order.  That's how you get out of that one.  As time goes by, he'll forget about them.  Please accept my apologies for even bringing them to his attention.  It was not my intent to get him out of work.  That being said...
I'll see you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie


  1. That was so entertaining.. no arm straps for my hubby..because they will just make him lazy (lazier) :) What a great transformation..xoxo

    1. I'm not showing my husband this blog post. No way, no how! :-)

  2. amazing what the right combo of paint will do! (and we have a set of those forearm lifter things and they have never come out of the package...But I have a piece of furniture that might make them worthwhile.)

    1. Nancy, let me know how they work out! :-)

  3. I've never seen the forearm lifters, however, we had a new washer/dryer delivered and the delivery guys used something similar. It went over their shoulders and the item was cradled in the middle. Love the paint job on the dressing table. Shimmer and Glimmer equals WOW!


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