Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Going For Baroque...

I sit here at my very own flipped desk writing today's blog post.  Writing, and wishing, and hoping, and dreaming, and wanting my desk to somehow magically turn into the desk I'm going to show you today.  You'll see why soon.

Let's meet Lisa from Southside Furniture Revivals.  She's a fellow Prairie State girl.  Recently, Lisa came across this desk on Craigslist.  Now, the picture I'm about to show you is one of those "I was too excited to get started I forgot to take a before picture" picture.  Yes, you've seen a few of those here before.  Take a gander at it and you'll clearly see WHY she was excited to start the makeover...(act like you don't see the painting she has started.)

Lisa writes, "The wood was bleached out on the top.  It looked like it had sat in front of a window for years. The front looked great and all the drawers worked perfectly. I knew the instant that I saw it that it should be red and gold".  

The transformation began. She used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Emperors Silk and Modern Masters Metallic Gold paint.  That was followed by both clear and dark wax.  Look at the details on that desk now.  

You look at that while I turn a critical eye to my own desk.  (Did you know White-Out can remove paint?  If you spill a bottle of it, it most certainly can.  I really need to fix that spot on my desk.)

I have to let you in on a secret.  This isn't the flip Lisa sent me to feature.  However, when I started to write her feature I did my little investigating (as I always do) into what else this talented woman had been up to lately and I begged her to let me feature this one first.  So, I brought this desk envy upon myself.  

Lisa and her own handsome handy husband Mike jokingly referred to this desk as "Santa's Desk" since they were working on it in late November/early December.  I can totally see Santa digging this desk.  

Let's take a full view look at this masterpiece...

Be still my heart. It's absolutely stunning.  Those colors are perfect.  Fabulous job!  I want it.  I want it.  I want it.  Alas, it is sold and now living happily ever after with it's new family.

Thanks so much Lisa for letting me switch up your flips on ya!   

You can follow along on Lisa's furniture adventures on the Southside Furniture Revival Facebook pageGet on over to her Facebook page and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  I'll follow up and if I don't see your name there saying "Hey Lisa!  Furniture Flippin' sent me" well, let's just say it won't be just Santa that writes your name down on a certain list.  You take that anyway you want to take it.  (Not really, I'm just kidding.  Don't be sending Geraldo Rivera to dig through my basement when I'm gone.)   Southside Furniture Revival is based in the Chicagoland area.  They also sell their items online in their Etsy shop.  

Dear readers, don't forget that this blog is currently accepting your witty comments.  So, put your fingers to the keyboard and get a peckin' at those keys.  Let's see what you have to say.  
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie


  1. Love Love Love The Red And Gold...What An Awesome Piece To Own!

  2. love the redo! It looks teriffic, i would love to feature it, if that would be ok please let me know,

  3. The perfect red! What a beauty!


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