Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Man With A Plan Can...

Have any of you ever seen that series of cookbooks titled "A Man, A Can, A Plan"?  Well, this is not about that cookbook.  I just thought of that cookbook when writing the title of today's blog post and it made me wonder if you'd ever seen the cookbook.  It's a great gift for a guy who can't cook.  Plus, the book itself looks like a can.  I guess there is a whole line of those cookbooks now.  So, get out there and buy them and get your man (or yourself if you are a man) into the kitchen and get a cookin'.  

Today, though it's all about this man with a plan who can take these three items and fashion something pretty darn cool.  Say hello to Richard from Richard's Big Adventure.
Stop yourself for a minute and look at this picture.  What do YOU see when you look at those THREE?  What could it be?  (Don't worry, I'm not going to go all Dr. Seuss on you.  Maybe I would if it wasn't the 3am hour and my coffee didn't taste like a bandaid.  Why does it taste like that?  I have no idea.  I made it the same way and the creamer is brand new.  Must.  Check.  Expiration.  Date.  I fixed my own cup so I couldn't have been poisoned.  Remember this blog post if something happens to me.  Check the dishwasher, too.  Maybe the gel pac didn't dissolve and that's what I'm tasting.)  


Richard had been thinking of this project for awhile.  It started with that old toy box in the lower right hand corner of the picture.  What a great starting piece that is, too.  Then he went looking for the companion pieces that would complete his master plan.


He primed them.  He painted them.  Then he put them all together and added some special finishing touches.

Can you tell where this is headed?  I think you can.  

Wonder no more...

Take a look at the finished project...

If you guessed "Hall Tree" you are correct!  It's a very unique and super cool hall tree.  

Now, let me tell you about Richard.  Richard lives in southeastern North Carolina where he and Lee (his partner in crime as he calls her) operate a shop.  You can see more about the shop and what they have by clicking right here.  He recently started up a blog chronicling "Richard's Big Adventures".  You have to check it out.  While you are there you can see more of the making of this Hall Tree.  Be sure to visit him out on his Richard's Big Adventure Facebook page, too.  Let him know you saw him on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks Richard for sharing your fantastic furniture flip!

Okay, readers.  Your turn.  Get your flips in.  We've got some pretty spectacular ones coming up in the days/weeks/months ahead.  One of them could be yours if you weren't such a procrastinator.  Email me your before/after pics and details to furnitureflippin@yahoo.com .  
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie


  1. Thank You very much Stephanie. This means a lot.

  2. The hall tree turned out fantastic!
    Debbie :)

  3. That is an awesome mashup..... love it!!!!!!


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