Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Flippin' The Bird

Birds and I do not get along.  They torment me to no end.  I enjoy watching them and they enjoy torturing me.  I'll give you two examples.  In May of 2012, I was almost killed by a Mother Robin who had decided to build her nest on my front porch in my flower arrangement.  She would allow my handsome handy husband to sit out there with her but she didn't like me.  She would routinely try to dive bomb my head while I sat there minding my own business.  (Okay, maybe I wasn't minding my own business.  I do provide commentary on all of the terrible drivers who go by my house.)  She even made me drop my camera and break it.  Evil bird.  It was my porch.  My flowers.  

Then in May of 2013, we were coming home from the racetrack, driving down the interstate at 65 MPH in our RV, pulling our car trailer with our race car safely tucked inside.  That's a lot of weight.  All of a sudden we heard a BANG.  We had hit a large bird.  We continued on home, arriving an hour or so later.  We got out to check the RV and the front grill was cracked in half and the bird was laying there dead by the radiator.  Or so we thought.  Turns out he was playing possum because a few hours later when we went to retrieve his lifeless body, he had moved locations in the engine compartment.  HE WAS ALIIIIVE....(read that aloud in a scary voice.)  

He wasn't only alive he was fine.  He flew away.  Don't believe me?  Well, check the video I shot.  It was a miracle.  My friend Dori felt bad for him because now he was an hour away from his home and she was afraid he wouldn't know anybody around here.  She feels the same way about flies.  So, if a fly gets in your car you must let it out immediately so it doesn't lose touch with it's family.  (She's a-Dori-able).  Fair warning:  My voice sounds so goofy on video.  I have a tendency to talk reallyreallyreallyfast. 

What does this have to do with Furniture Flippin'?  Nothing really.  Except I have bad luck with birds and Linda from Eek To Chic doesn't.  

What a segue!  (Get it?  That's a segway, not to be confused with my bird intro to this flip which is a segue.)

Check it out...Linda found this dresser that was sad looking.  

Look at the poor thing.  He had been rescued by the right lady.  (She didn't even try to mow him down with an RV.)  Linda repaired his drawers and then set about prettying him up.  


She painted him using latex paint followed by CeCe Caldwell wax.  No detail was overlooked for when you open the drawers you get a little surprise...

My favorite part of this flip has to be the front of it though.  Linda decoupaged this awesome Peacock print onto it.  She's an expert at that.  Remember the fantastic Music one she did a few months back?   Let's take a look at the perfection that is this peacock, shall we?

Bravo Linda!!  Bravo!  Readers, here's a tip for you:  if you put a bird on a piece of furniture it sells pretty much immediately.  I've featured quite a few pieces that were flipped the bird and they all sold.  JUST LIKE THIS ONE DID.  Yep, it is sold. 

EEK to Chic is based in Chesapeake, Virginia.  You can find Linda's items at 3 Little Blackbirds.  You can also follow along with Linda on the Eek To Chic Facebook page.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'!  

Thanks so much Linda for sharing your fine feathered friend furniture flip!  It's stunning.  

Dear readers, thanks for indulging my rambling today.  If a bird ever tries to kill you or if you ever miraculously hit one and it lives to turn you in, I will gladly listen to you, too.  Have a lovely Tuesday.  
~ Stephanie


  1. This flip is absolutely stunning! I am awed by the sheer talent that went into creating this piece.

  2. Holy cow, that is one beautiful dresser! What a fantastic job, no wonder it sold so fast!
    And that poor poor dove. Thank Heavens he was ok and flew off. He's a very lucky bird! I love the birds, I used to have budgies as pets, now with cats I have to be happy watching them at the feeders instead. I guess you never watch that Hitchcock movie 'The Birds'? Even as a bird lover, that one scared me.
    Debbie :)

    1. "The Birds"... I was babysitting one lonely cold night in Alaska, at the tender age of 16. I do not like Alfred Hitchcock, nor scary movies. But it was the only thing on tv (back in the days when we only got one channel) and I forgot to bring a book with me.
      The entire movie was not my style, and I wasn't too thrilled with watching it, but, as I said, it was the only game in town. The end, with all the birds, was scaring me as I was laying on the floor on my back to protect myself. Suddenly, beneath me, was this loud scraping noise!! I about jumped out of my skin! (A feat, you must admit, being on my back on the floor.)
      It was the garage door, immediately under the living room. The parents of the children were home.
      But I have never forgotten that. It was... x0+ years ago. ('x' put in intentionally, because I don't believe how many decades it was, and certainly don't want to have to admit it!)
      Aside from that, the dresser is amazing!


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