Friday, January 3, 2014

A Cold Weather Chicken First Went Pickin'... a chicken coop (of all things) and then she flocked to Florida.  

Some people just can't handle cold weather.  While those of us in the Midwest are dealing with record breaking cold temperatures, we have some who move to cold weather states and then realize that they aren't cut out for cold weather.  Say hello to April of My Three C's.  (April, your name should have been a tip-off.  You are made for warmer climates.)

Now April took a round about way to get to Florida.  Two years ago she moved from England to Montana where they bought a great old farmhouse built in the 1930's.  April writes, "It came with two old barns and five outdoor buildings.  What I didn’t realize was that all those old buildings contained JUNKING TREASURE!  I found old farm implements, old barn windows, barn doors…tons of great stuff.  What really floored me was a primitive cabinet I found in a chicken coop under all sorts of trash and debris.  It was obviously hand crafted which added to the appeal.   It was old, weather beaten, and broken. You could tell that this piece had lived a good ol country life."  

A year after moving to Montana, the cold weather scared them away and they headed to Florida.  The cabinet went with them.  April sanded the chipped paint and repaired the damaged top.  She painted the body of the cabinet an Aqua color followed by a dark glaze.  The top of the cabinet she stained a dark rich color.  She wanted the inside of the cabinet to store a surprise, so April applied a pretty floral fabric to the back inside panel and to the sides of the drawer.  Then she applied a polyurethane over it all.

April envisioned merging both its new coastal home with its past country roots.  I think she nailed it!  Check it out.

That looks nothing like it did before!  Gorgeous!  

Let's see what's hiding behind the doors...

This cabinet was not only the first piece she flipped in Florida but it was also the first piece she sold.  Not only did she save it from ruin, she added another chapter to it's story.  Well done April!!  

You might remember we met April back in August when I showed you a lovely table and chairs set she redid.  Well, she's been up to a whole lot more than that since then.  You can follow along on her projects on her My Three C's Facebook page or check out her My Three C's Blog.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks April, you warm weather woman, for sharing your awesome furniture flip!

Stephanie aka Freezing In Illinois


  1. Awesome job, April! Of course, all her work is inspiring!

  2. Super adorable! Great job really!


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