Friday, January 3, 2014

Tear It Down & Build It Up...

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you Handsome Handy Husbands out there who, like my own Triple H, indulge your wives passion for rescuing discarded furniture.  You do know how much we all appreciate you, don't you?  Take today's dynamic tag-teaming duo behind The Weekend Country Girl.

Karen IS The Weekend Country Girl and I love following her blog.  I find myself reading it and thinking, "She's just like ME and her husband is just like mine!".  (Both our guys are very meticulous and can do anything.)  Karen will find pieces of furniture that look beyond repair and the two of them together will transform them into something spectacular.  Sometimes they totally repurpose them.  Like this dresser eagle-eyed Karen found alongside the road.  It took her some convincing to get her guy to stop for it, but he reluctantly did.  It was solid wood with dovetailed drawers and perfect for a project Karen wanted to try.

It was to become a Mudroom Bench.  Karen showed her husband some plans for it and he agreed to get on board with the idea.  (It sometimes takes my guy awhile to get on board with an idea, too.  Once he does then occasionally he tries to take it over completely.  I have to remind him I'm supposed to be working on it, too.)  This mirror was found at a resale shop.  She bought two of them for $20.

Dismantling had to be done first and then the building began. 

There's the bench part taking shape...
The back part is coming together...

Are you starting to picture it now?

Well, I'm not going to show you all the steps they took to create this masterpiece.  For that, you can check out The Weekend Country Girl.  There you will find Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of the making of this gorgeous hall tree...Karen does a better job of explaining the whole process.  I will, however, show you the magnificent after...

I always tell my kids not to say "shut up" but this calls for a "SHUT UP!"  It's too fantastic for words.  So, quit reading and look at the picture again.  

Oh, there are far too many cool projects out there and I only have one garage and one husband.  That's why I get so excited when I see "afters" like this one.  It makes me so proud of my fellow furniture flippers and the massive talent they possess.  Keep on keepin' on people!

You can follow Karen and The Weekend Country Girl by going to her blog and subscribing to it.  Get over there so you don't miss a post.   You can also check 'em out on The Weekend Country Girl Facebook page.  Tell them you saw them on Furniture Flippin'. One more thing, Karen has a fantastic NEW blog, too.  Check out My Burb Home.  You will love it. 

Thanks Karen for sharing your awesome furniture flippin'. 

Are you feeling inspired yet dear readers?  Well, if you happen to have a piece of furniture that you want to make over but can't decide just what to do, please feel free to email me a picture of it to .  I'll present it to our group of furniture flippers and they'll help you with some ideas to get you going.  What are you waiting for?  

One last thing...your witty comments are always welcome here on the blog.  It gives me something to read, too.  That should be your New Year's resolution - to leave a comment a day on here.  Yes, that would be an easy one to accomplish, too.  Get on that, will ya?
~ Stephanie


  1. What an incredible talent! Amazing!

  2. So, I'm sitting here reading this and getting excited about this so I show it to pa paw, he didn't get excited, yet. Now I'm thinking this would be a great project. We've got to finish the garage first, then be on the lookout for the perfect dresser, we have the mirror! This is beautiful and inspirational.

    1. He'll come around Diane. They all do eventually. lol ;-) Before and after pictures when he does!

  3. Incredible!! Wish I had that kind of vision. And a triple H... does anyone have an extra one of those in their garage stash?

    1. Sharon, my dear, there are days I'd probably hand him right over to ya! lol

  4. Wonderful, Karen. Just wonderful.

  5. WOW!!! That is amazing!! I love how it turned out!! Stunning...


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