Monday, December 2, 2013

What Wood You Do?

If you've followed our little blog long enough, then you know by now that my handsome handy husband and I love a challenging piece of furniture.  That being said, I have to admit this piece today...well, we probably would have just taken it to salvage the wood.  Then again, we aren't the husband/wife team of Monte and LeAnn from Cedar Creek Woodworks.  

While out on a junking excursion one day in Shreveport, Louisiana, they found this trashed piece on the curb behind an antique store.   

LeAnn writes, "I wonder why they tossed it?  Ha Ha. We weren't sure what it used to be, but my super handy hubby decided to make it a multi-functional piece.  Using only scrap and salvaged wood, he repaired it and built drawers to go in it."

This dynamic duo then used two different colors of leftover yellow paint.  Why two?  They were determined to make this a piece built from what they had on hand and they ran out of the first color.  LeAnn found the gold drawer pulls in a bin of hardware they salvaged from a barn. 

How does this formerly curbside crap look now?  Nothing like it used to!  Check it out...

Isn't that remarkable?  It can now be used as a buffet, media center, dresser, or whatever you can dream up. It's for sale.  You could be the next chapter in it's story.  You can see more of Cedar Creek Woodworks projects on their website or check them out on their Cedar Creek Woodworks Facebook page.  Head on over and let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.  You might recall we featured their makeover of a stereo cabinet back in July.   That makeover remains one of our top five viewed blog posts of all time.

Thanks so much LeAnn and Monte for sharing your fantastic furniture flip and for saving this piece of furniture.  

If you have a furniture flip you'd like to share, please email me at .  Send before/after pictures and plenty of details.  
~ Stephanie

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