Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Week In Review...

This past week while you were busy preparing for Thanksgiving, these five pieces were showcased on Furniture Flippin'.

We began the week in England, headed back here to the Tar Heel State (North Carolina), then it was on to the Lone Star State (Texas), followed by a quick trip to the Show Me State (Missouri), and we ended the week in the Land of Lincoln (Illinois).  

Along the way we saw five extraordinary makeovers.  Here is what they look like now...

Aren't they gorgeous?  Pretty spiffy work!

We have these talented people to thank for these five redos:  Veelou, Copper Loop Creations and Designs, The Fisherman's Wife, Sue Lyons Rudman, and yours truly, Furniture Flippin'.  (I know, I know.  You saw mine before.  Cut me some slack it was a holiday week!  I'm wore out!  I updated the specs on it, so that should earn me some kudos.)

After a brief break for the weekend, Furniture Flippin' will be back on Monday with five new flips to show you.  Have you submitted yours yet?  Please do!  Email me before/after pics and a whole lot of details to .  

See ya Monday!
~ Stephanie

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