Thursday, November 28, 2013

It Was Persistance In This Instance...

...that finally paid off for our furniture flipper.  

Meet Sue Lyons Rudman of Missouri.  Her parents were young newlyweds when they bought a Colonial style dry sink in 1961.  It was the first piece of furniture they bought for their new life together.  It served them well.  In 1993, they were relocating and made the decision that they no longer had the room for it.  Sue writes, "Though it doesn't necessarily match my d├ęcor, I stepped up and took the soon-to-be orphan.  It has been in my guest room as a house for excess games my young kids had.  Recently, I have gotten into the whole re-purposing mode and set my sights on this piece after successfully refinishing numerous other pieces in my own home."

Sue used liquid sandpaper on the piece because she really didn't feel like sanding the whole piece in a garage that they use everyday.  She painted it with a latex vibrant, orange-y color from Home Depot in flat finish.  After two coats of that, she dry brushed a leftover olive green color that she had on hand, using a rag to wipe off what was brushed on until she achieved the effect she was wanting.  For the final layer Sue wanted a brown glazed topcoat.  She first tried Minwax oil based stain but panicked when it didn't dry the way she wanted.  After a lot of hard work, she was able to remove the stain.  She then decided to try some Annie Sloan Dark Wax she had on hand.  That provided exactly the look she was going for.   

For the door inserts, Sue purchased two pieces of patterned tin at Home Depot, spray painted them first with Zinsser Primer and then with Rustoleum's Hammered Copper.  On top of the hammered copper base coat, she randomly sponge painted watered down versions of: the same orangy paint she used for the piece, Martha Stewart's metallic paints in "Cast Bronze" and "Copper Red" and the olive green also used on the piece.   She then covered both sheets of tin with several coats of spray-on Polyurethane in a Semi-Gloss finish. 

Sue found cabinet door pulls at Home Depot.  She spray painted them first with Zinsser Primer and then gave them two coats of Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze.  Her handsome handy husband installed the hardware. 

The piece is now in the guest bedroom that her Mom and Dad will occupy this Thanksgiving.  It serves as their new linen "closet".

Thanks Sue for sharing your fantastic furniture flip!  I hope your parents loved it and your holiday is fantastic.

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 ~ Stephanie

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