Thursday, December 5, 2013

Do Not Fear The Veneer...

Oh, you sneaky sneaky table.  How dare you play games with our Furniture Flippin' friend Carol from Carol's Paint Creations.  You owe her.  You owe her big time, pal.  When she found you and took you in, you looked like this...

You had been painted white.  Carol began work on you and discovered that secrets were beneath that surface.  After sanding, she found particle board and veneer.

Carol applied two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Versailles.  However, your unevenness showed through. Carol hoped the application of a glaze might help. 

It didn't.  Carol figured two can play this game.  If you want to trick people into believing you are wood, then she would go all trompe l'oeil on you and help you out.  She reached into her bag of tricks and out came her handy dandy screwdriver.  (Don't worry table, it'll only hurt for a bit.)  Carol carved some grooves into your surface to replicate wood planks.  Then she followed that up with some Minwax Dark Walnut stain.  Your legs were given a coat of wax and after your table top had completely dried, it was given coats of polyurethane.  

Let's take a look at your after picture, shall we?  

And a look at your faux wood top...

Fantastic job!  Carol says if she attempts this feat again she'll use her router.  It took her a week to get the feeling back in her fingers.  No pain, no gain in this instance! 

Carol's Paint Creations is based in Battle Creek,  Michigan.  She sells her items at Rubles Furniture.  You can follow along with Carol and her gorgeous work on her Carol's Paint Creations Facebook page.  It's not just about furniture, she offers up a lot of goodies for you.  You'll find time has slipped right on by you before you know it.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'. 

Thanks Carol for sharing  your lovely and challenging furniture flip!

Okay, dear Furniture Flippin' readers, I'm looking for some "What Would You Do?" pictures to feature.  You know what that is, don't you?  It's where you send me a "before" picture of a piece of furniture that you just can't quite figure out what to do to it.  I'll show our Furniture Flippin' gang, they'll give you their advice, then you get back with us down the road after you've done flipped it.  We'll follow up with you and see what you did.  Email me your pictures at .

Happy Thursday! Go forth and rescue some furniture!
~ Stephanie


  1. Wow Stephanie...thanks so much for the great post about my table...I feel just like a "Rock Star"! Seriously, I really appreciate it and just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog and I especially love your Facebook make me laugh at least once every day!

  2. Great job, Carol. Looks like a high-end piece, now. And you're right, Stephanie has a super cool blog. Have a nice day!


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