Friday, December 6, 2013

It's Official - I Don't Hate French Provincial

If you've been a reader here for very long, you should know French Provincial furniture ranks up there as one of my least favorite kinds of furniture.  Looking back over my life, I guess I'd have to say it dates back to my memories of my two older sisters matching French Provincial twin beds WITH canopies.  While they slept in those in the room they shared, our little brother Michael and I had boring (for a girl) brown wood bunkbeds.  Yeah, I think that did it for me.  That and the fact that I awoke most mornings to a rubber snake or bat hanging from the top bunk waiting to scare the bejesus out of me.  Ever since then I've had a hard time liking French Provincial furniture...UNTIL this blog and all of you talented furniture flippers came along.  One by one, you're converting my cold hard Grinch heart into one that is starting to embrace the cabriole legs and gilded features.  Sarah from House Of Red has brought me one step closer with today's furniture flip.  

Sarah, along with her mother in law Christine and sister in law Holly, operates House Of Red.  They pretty much do it all in the home decor department.  Recently Sarah got her hands on not one, but two French Provincial nightstands.   Their owner was going to pitch them, but Sarah intervened and snatched them up. They were missing their original drawer pulls but Sarah was lucky enough to find some on Etsy to replace them.  

Sarah painted both dressers a pale grey and attached white wallpaper border to the drawer fronts.  She originally planned on painting the border but she liked it so much she decided to leave it white.  

Sarah applied polyacrylic for protection.  Then she lightly brushed the handle pulls with the same grey and used a silver paint in the detail line around the front.  

Let's take a look at the most recent member of the "Get Stephanie To Change Her Mind On French Provincial Furniture Bandwagon"...

That is darling.  (Darling is my new "go-to" word.  I've been saying it ever since watching "The Birds" on AMC and hearing Tippi Hedren call pretty much everyone that.  I'm driving Triple H nuts with it.  Hehehehehe...)

Sarah writes, "These were a show stopper when we took them to a vintage garage sale in our local town. They sold to a couple who just bought a house and they are using them as end tables."  Well done, Sarah!  A save and a sale! 

The House Of Red is based in West Chester, Pennsylvania.  You can follow along and watch all of their creativity unfold on their House Of Red Facebook page.  Get over there, give them a "like" and let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks so much Sarah for sharing your sensational furniture flip!

I'm wondering how many of you dear readers have a furniture flip you'd like to share?  Once again, you don't have to have a blog, or a website, or a business or any other kind of page.  If you've made over a piece of furniture, we want to see it!  Send me before and after pictures plus all the details to .  I'll be watching for ya!  
~ Stephanie


  1. Interesting drawer treatment, it does take it to a new level but can't say they make me a fan of the french provincial furniture...yet, I'm still holding out hope since i find it all the time.

  2. Beautiful! I recently flipped the exact same dresser. They look completely different now!

  3. I have a low dresser that belongs to this same design, the white and gold French provincial. I'm going to be turning it into a buffet table. I have no idea what I'll end up doing with it but this was inspiring!

    1. Be sure and take before and after pictures! We'd love to see what you end up doing! ;-)


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