Thursday, November 21, 2013

She'll Think I Mis-Read Because I Chose The Bed!

Today's featured flip will come as a surprise to a furniture flipper in Florida.  Did she submit a flip to me?  Yes, she did.  Is it the one you are about to see today?  No, it is not.  I'll let you in on a secret.  Very rarely do I plan too far ahead.  I might have a theme one week, or a special event someone is wanting to highlight and I'll try to work a certain flip in at a certain time.  But, usually I don't have any more of an idea of what will be running that week than you do.  I actually know about 17 hours before you do.  I look through what's been submitted, pick one out, see if I have enough info from the flipper, if I don't I'll go emailing them for more details if I have time.  If I don't have time, I'll skip to another one and so on, so forth.  Sometimes I have all the info I need and not one single word will form in my wandering brain.  (I know!  ME?  Speechless?  It happens.  Although my family will say it never does.)  In that case, I'll move on and come back to it later.

In the case of today's flipper, she submitted me two very lovely pieces a month or so ago and I was going to feature one of those.  When I sat down to write, I headed off to see what she had been up to the last few days and that's when I saw this bed.  Like "The Monkees", I RAN with it! 


It began as an ordinary 1920's twin bed.  At least that is what it was before Lisa from Old Soul Accents got her hands on it.

Lisa painted the bed using Paint Minerals in the color of  Homestead Antique Lace.  Then she stenciled on it in La Fonda Ortiz Gold.  She distressed it a bit with sanding and then followed it up with dark wax.  

Let's take a look at the after...

And a look at the side...

Lisa says, "I found my new favorite color. Its a cross between antique white and a vanilla cream color."  I thinks it's pretty. 

I bet some of our readers would like to own that bed.  Too late!  It's sold!  You can check out what else Lisa is creating on her Old Soul Accents Facebook page.  You may find something you can't live without.  She is based in Middlesburg, Florida and loves to do custom orders. 

Thanks Lisa for submitting your furniture flips!  Hehehehe...hope you don't mind I pushed the bed to the front of the line.  

One more flip and it's the weekend!  It could still be yours.  You see how I work.  Sometimes, it takes me awhile, other times, I'm shoving people aside to get yours on.  Just depends on the day and just depends on the flip.  Oh, and whether you give me enough pictures/info.  Email me at .  See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie 


  1. i like the creamy color. would look beautiful in my guest bedroom...just sayin'

  2. That is very pretty! Love the colors!


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