Wednesday, November 20, 2013

If You Build It, It Will Sell...

Today we are traveling to Mississippi...also known as M-I-Crooked Letter-Crooked Letter-I-Crooked Letter-Crooked Letter-I-Humpback-Humpback-I and the home of Melinda of Hobo Chic.  

One day Melinda came across this ugly duckling of a dresser.  She recognized right away that it had once been lovely but that was a long long time ago.  

This dresser had begun life in a showroom and ended up in a junk store.  The poor thing had definitely seen better days.   It looks defeated in the before picture doesn't it?  

You can almost see the fear in it's veneer.  It spies Melinda and wonders, "Will she buy me?  Will she leave me?  What will happen to me?  What's that she is saying?  She wants to make me over?  WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!?"  Fear not, tater tot!  Don't be scared.  Melinda knew you were nervous and wanted you to be comfortable.  She waited.  She let you relax for over a month in her workshop while she thought about what you should become and then began your transformation.  In the next chapter of your life you would be a buffet with a hutch.  

Melinda built the hutch with pine 1 x 12's.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  She BUILT it.  Then she stenciled the design on the back.  She painted the entire piece with her own chalk paint in the colors of cream and taupe.  

Let's take a look at this beauty now...

What do you think about that?  I think it stands a little taller, with it's shoulders back and chest swelled with pride.  It's happy again.  Back to the showroom it went.  This time to the Southwest Vendors Mall in Summit, MS where Hobo Chic sells their wares.  However, no sooner was it staged than it was sold.  That's right.  This knockout was bought and is living happily ever after in it's new home.  Great job Melinda!  

You can follow along with Melinda on her Hobo Chic Facebook page.  Head on over and see what else she is working on.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  

Thanks Melinda for sharing your fantastic furniture flip!

If you have a furniture flip you'd like to share, email me at .  Before & after pictures and tons of details, please.  I'll be watching for you!
~ Stephanie


  1. LOve the color and stencil. Beautiful job.


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