Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holy Chalk-A-Mole Batman!

Little did Dani of House Sparrow know when she emailed me one of her latest furniture flips with the subject titled "Here's Batman" that she was actually emailing it to Batman's mom.  That's right.  I am finally confessing to all of you Furniture Flippin' followers that I, Stephanie, am the Dark Knight's mother.  Here's proof that my son Zach (you know him as half of the dynamic duo who reaped the rewards of The Park Ridge Project) is Batman.  I've never been able to keep a secret.  I hope you can.  

Dani recently answered the distress call sent out by this "Tallboy" she found through a Portuguese classified ad.  When she picked it up she said the wood was cheap, shiny and brand new looking.  

She painted him all over with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Primer Red then followed that with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite.  She did a bit of fine sanding then finished it with dark wax.  The drawer sides were plain unfinished boxwood so she stenciled some sparrows and flowers using Primer Red mixed with wax, did a sand down on it, then waxed over the whole side to age them a bit.

What a difference it did make!  Let's take a look at this bad boy now...

See how the details really stand out with the paint technique she used?  Gorgeous.  It certainly doesn't look like cheap wood anymore. 

It's those little touches like the stenciled drawers that really help make a piece stand out from the others.  It gives just that extra step of "quality" to the craftsmanship that would otherwise be missing.  It's a nice surprise when the drawers are opened, too.  

Let's stand back and take in the entire piece...
That DOES look like a bat symbol at the top!

House Sparrow is a family affair.  Dani lives in Portugal but shares the page with her furniture painting family based in the UK.  Be sure and check out their House Sparrow Facebook page.  Give them a "like" and let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.  (Everybody loves to know how you found their page, I know I do!)  You'll be rewarded with projects from both Portugal and the UK.  It's a twofer!  I said TWOFER, not to be confused with the villain Two-Faced played by my love Tommy Lee Jones.  (Hi Tommy Lee if you are reading this.  I've loved you forever.  Hehehehe...chances are he's NOT reading this but a girl can dream.)

Thank you Dani of House Sparrow for sharing your fabulous furniture flip!

Hey everyone, you don't have to be a professional furniture flipper to submit your flip.  Email me at furnitureflippin@yahoo.com .  Before/after pictures and tons of details please.   I am also accepting witty mental meanderings in the form of comments here on the blog.  Get your little fingers a tappin' that keyboard. 

 ~ Stephanie


  1. This turned out amazing! I love the color! Big change!

  2. This is an incredible makeover! I love the colours she chose and the details with the stencilling on the sides. Such and improvement!!
    Debbie :)


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