Friday, November 22, 2013

All A Bored!

I had to laugh when I followed up with Zadrianne of The Painted Window on a past "What Would You Do?" feature we had done on our Furniture Flippin' Facebook page.  You might remember when I asked you what would you do with these two pieces... 

I contacted her and asked how they were coming along and she very funnily replied, "Hey girl!  Finally finished that rather large I haven't gotten to the bed because I got bored with it...oops!"  

Zadrianne was preaching to the choir with that statement!  I am the Queen of "I'm bored".  My husband is forever trying to keep me on task when we are working on furniture.  I suspect many of our readers and fellow furniture flippers are the same way every now and then.  If they deny it, I'll attach a detail to them so fast it'll make their paintbrushes spin.  I'll find the proof that they're lying.  I'm good at stake-outs.  Ask my friend Julie.  We lied in wait one night in the back of a panel van trying to catch a serial vandal.  We caught 'em!  (Not that night but later AND on camera! Hehehehe...)

On to the flip...Zadrianne originally primed the entire dresser & mirror because she wasn't sure what color she was going to do.  Then she decided to scrap that plan.  (Also sounds like something I would do.)  So, she stripped the primer and original stain off the top of the dresser only to discover that the wood was beautiful. She then stained the top with Provincial stain by MinWax.  Zadrianne says, "I highly recommend this color stain. It looks great on any type of wood."

The bottom of the dresser was painted in Gnome Green and the drawers were done in Stone White, both by Behr.  She then distressed the piece.  The green section was then given a coat  of the Provincial stain and the excess was wiped off, highlighting the distressed area.  Two coats of spray poly were applied. The mirror was also done in the Gnome Green with the same steps. 

Let's take a look at all of Zadrianne's hard work...

She didn't reattach the mirror because it could easily be used as a buffet.  The mirror is equally beautiful and could hang on it's own somewhere. Both pieces are available for sale at Junkin Gypsies in Bridge City, Texas.  That's where you'll find The Painted Window and all of their beautiful makeovers.  

You can also see what Zadrianne is currently working on by visiting The Painted Window's Facebook page.  Head on over, give her a "like" and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  Also, let her know that she and I are not the only members of the "I got bored" club.  Come on, we can have meetings!  Join us, won't you?  

Thanks so much Zadrianne for letting us be a part of the Before & After of this furniture flip!  

So concludes another day in our cure for crappy furniture crusade.  If you have a piece of crappy furniture sitting around your house and you can't quite decide what you should do with it, email me a picture to .  I'll present it to all of the furniture flippin' fanatics I know and we'll get their opinion.  If you have one you've done that you want to show off, same email address applies.  What are you waiting for?  Happy Friday!
~ Stephanie

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