Thursday, November 14, 2013

Play 'Em Or Bench 'Em?

Do you see this bed?  Take a good look at it.  Because, as you will see once you scroll down further on this page, this particular bed doesn't quite look like the after.  How in the world did Bekah of Perfect Pickins pull off a furniture flip of this magnitude?  One where the shape of the bed in the before picture looks different than the shape in the after picture?  Could this be a documented case of an actual shapeshifter albeit in furniture form?  Put the phone down.  Don't go calling Sam & Dean Winchester in just yet...(I wonder who will get that reference?)

Here's the situation.  What our little Bekah did do was make a really cool bench out of an old bed.  What she didn't do was take a before picture of the bed before she got started.  (The bed above is one in my own furniture stash.  It's the closest thing I could find.) 

All of that being said, I am running the play anyway because 1.) It is such a cool furniture flip.  2.) It'll be funny for us to read the comments from those who only look at the pictures and don't read the text on this little old blog. ("I call foul!  That's not even the same bed!  She's pulling a fast one!")  3.) I get to shame Bekah in the process and 4.) that can be a lesson for all of you to take a before picture.  Hehehehe...

Let's get to it...

When Bekah came across a twin sized headboard that she absolutely loved, she knew she had to make use of the perfectly good one they had just gotten their two year old daughter.  Bekah decided that she and her handsome handy husband should turn her first one into a bench.  They used some fresh Georgia pine that they had just had cut and it became the seat.  Her husband then cut the footboard into two to use as the arms on either side of the bench.  The headboard then became the back of the bench.  

Bekah loves turquoise and uses it as often as she can.  (Remember this other cool flip she did in that color?)  She painted, sanded, glazed and voila!  Their first headboard bench was complete!  (She makes it sound so easy.) 

Let's take a look at the after...

Pretty marvelous if you ask me!  I bet you'd like to own it.  Too late.  It sold right away.  You'll have to wait for the next one.  (Selling quickly seems to be pattern with the flips featured here.)

Perfect Pickins is based in Hiram, Georgia.  You can follow along on all of their adventures on their Perfect Pickins Facebook page.  While you are there, let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.  Or, if you are in Georgia, stop by and see them at the Puddle Duck Cottage.  You won't go home empty handed!

Thanks so much Bekah for sharing your awesome furniture flip.  It's beautiful!

I'm looking for "What Would You Do?" pictures.  If you have a piece of furniture and are thinking of changing it up, send me a picture of it.  I'll ask our pack of furniture flippers and we'll see what they say.  Email me at .  As always, feel free to also submit your own furniture flip.  We would all love to see what you have done! 
~ Stephanie


  1. Looks awsome to me. I sure do like the color. I think the dark color of the seat really set it off.

  2. Blog looks as great as the furniture... Nice system y'all have going on. Keep up the good work!

  3. I love this bench!!


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