Friday, November 15, 2013

They Set The Bar High...

Hey everyone!  Let's head to St. Louis, Missouri, home of Anheuser-Busch and the young couple behind Rescued Furnishings.  They've been busy and I'm told they have a big announcement to make soon, but MUMS the word.  
Today we are going to take a look at one of their coolest furniture flips.  Nicole and Brandt found this 1930's Child's Wardrobe at an antique mall.  It lured in Brandt with it's charm.  Nicole wasn't quite so sure.  Brandt knew it would make the perfect bar.  They bought it and brought it home.  (Brandt won that round.)

Behind those two doors on each side there were little 6" rods to hang clothes.  Those came out. The bottom doors were removed and wine storage went in. 

Nicole writes, "If you look closely at all the doors you see lovely strips of veneer on the edges..."accents" I guess you could call them. They were in horribly bad shape. This was my first experience at removing veneer.  An iron, a cloth and several SEVERAL hours later these silly strips were also removed.  We cleaned up the original hardware which turned out to be really neat art deco pieces with black triangles on them.  Now they "pop" on the grey."

By the time this piece was finished Brandt had fallen hard for it and really didn't want to sell it.  Nicole convinced him otherwise.  (Nicole won that round.)  Sold it was.  It now happily resides in Minnesota.  (Brandt won the next round when he convinced Nicole to sell a desk she longed to keep).  That makes three rounds and everyone is still standing.  High fives all around!!

Let's all belly up to the bar and take a gander at their handiwork...

Open those doors!  We're thirsty for more!  It's FRIDAY after all!

Look at that!  I love the way they've used the white embellishments.  It really compliments the Grey Goose.  

Again, the eye for detail is spot-on.  The tops of those wine bottles really pop against the corkscrew (that I imagine is tucked out of sight.)  Plus, all of that storage.  One can only hope there is a bottle of Canadian Club hidden behind that closed door.  Well done, Rescued Furnishings, well done!!  I'd say they are shakin' the furniture flippin' world and causing a stir.  (Hehehehe, this was a fun one to write!)

Nicole and Brandt have since done a couple more of these.  You can head on over to their Rescued Furnishings blog for more info on the items they makeover.  You can also see some of the inventory they have for sale on their Etsy page.  For up to the minute news, (which you will want to be a part of) stumble on over to their Rescued Furnishings Facebook page.  Let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.  

Thanks Nicole and Brandt for sharing your fantastic furniture flip!

That wraps up another week in our cure for crappy furniture crusade.  Five new ones come your way beginning on Monday.  Have you submitted yours yet?  What are you waiting for you?  This.  Is.  Your.  Invitation. 
~ Stephanie


  1. A nice and different use. Those tiny spaces on the sides would take some thought on what to do with them. The color is very nice, but I find the curly-que details in disharmony with the art deco hardware. Might be just me... Over all, a great flip!

  2. this looks super slick now! love this transformation! also...yay they are from STL (it's only a solid hour from us!) now i'm going to check out their page aka stalk them a little ;)

    1. Trina, you and Nicole would really hit it off, too! :-)


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