Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hey, Neighbor! I've Got Something For You!

If you heard that from a neighbor of yours, would it strike fear in you?  Why?  What kind of people do you live  by?  Well, today's featured flipper lives by a pretty awesome neighbor because HER neighbor was going through a huge garage they owned that was chock full of goodies in need of big-time help.  Among all of the stuff, Bekah from Perfect Pickins found this buffet...

The horror!!  The horror!!  Bekah's husband almost croaked when he saw it.  True.  Bekah was there and she said he ABSOLUTELY ALMOST croaked.  The picture above really doesn't tell the complete story of HOW BAD this piece of furniture was.  ~ Lady Flippers - please use this post to show your sometimes hesitant husbands that what you have dragged home could - be - worse.  (Then under your breath say, "That's what I told my mom when I dragged YOU home to meet HER for the first time, too, PAL!")  Hehehehe...

Bekah's handsome handy husband had to use a saw to cut off sides of the front feet to make them both the same shape.  Then the two of them replaced the top of the buffet with some reclaimed wood that they were lucky enough to snag off of an old cabin in Alabama.  (Me thinks that WE ALL should be hanging with this couple if this is the cool stuff THEY come across!)  They also used the same reclaimed wood to add a shelf to the middle of the buffet.  The body of this buffet was painted a beautiful light blue, and that improvement plus some pretty baskets added to it gives you a buffet that now looks like this...


Here's a close up of that old wood top.  The wood had been between the outside of the cabin they retrieved it from and the sheetrock, so it had remained in fabulous shape.  They are dreading the day they finally run out of it.  (Look at how pretty their yard is, too!)

This formerly neglected and in need of a new home buffet now has just what it was wishing for all's in a new home where it is enjoyed by it's new owners.  It sold immediately upon Bekah and her husband finishing it's transformation.

You can visit with Bekah and see more of their work on her Perfect Pickins Facebook page.  Head on over there, give her page a "like" and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'!  For those of you who live in the Dallas, Georgia area, well mark your calendars because Perfect Pickins  will have a booth on September 7-8 at the Paulding Meadows Craft Show.  They will be in booth number 94 and this craft show is a popular one!  So be there or be square!

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Thank you Bekah of Perfect Pickins for sharing your extraordinary furniture flip!!  I give you two thumbs up and so do my neighbors!


  1. Stephanie, darlin you understand this is a digital blog page. Even if you use a larger font. You still won't be able to fill it. It just goes on and on and on, & on

  2. Oh! Great make over Bekah. Sorry I was busy, cracking myself up.

  3. Great job! My hubby would have almost died too!

  4. Great job! My hubby would have almost died too!

  5. Is that a challenge Richard? lol I'm up for it! :-)

  6. Great Flip. I would have been intimidated . You did an amazing transformation Bekah. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow, that is quite the transformation. I love that she saw the potential of this piece even when it looked so bad initially. Great Job!


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