Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Five Chairs And One Table Ago...

...Becky from Refabulous Interiors came upon today's featured flip.  

One day fellow Prairie State girl Becky was at a local garage sale when she spotted a table with 5 chairs.  She's pretty certain that someone was smart enough to keep the "Head of the Table" arm chair as it was the one missing. 

You can't hardly blame them.  Look at what the other four chairs looked like...

No, REALLY LOOK at it.  Close-up...

I have to admit.  That face kind of scares me.  I can almost feel him breathing on the back of my neck while I'm trying to enjoy dinner and a conversation with the family.  

The seller was asking a little more than Becky was willing to pay.  It was only her second summer pickin' and she had herself on a pretty tight budget.  So, she left her business card with the homeowner, asking them to call her if the set didn't sell and they were willing to negotiate.  Lady Luck was on her side because they called the next day and Becky rushed back to claim them.

She had never seen chairs like this.  She admits she was giddy with excitement that she had them in her van.  

Becky chose to have some fun with this set of chairs and using different colors of plain old latex paint she got busy transforming them.  Once finished with the paint job, she applied a custom mixed glaze.  Are you ready to see these hip & fun chairs now?

The wait is over...

How cool is THAT!?!  Becky initially planned to sell four of them as a set and keep the extra one.  However, she ended up splitting the set - selling four and donating the 5th one for a local charity auction.  (What a sweetheart!)  

She still thinks about this wonderful set and laments not keeping one.  The purple one was her favorite...

(Becky ~ I'm watching you.  Why didn't you keep me?  I will find you one day, says the purple scary faced chair.)  Hehehe...

Check out more of ReFabulous Interiors work on their website.  You can also find Becky on her ReFabulous Interiors Facebook Page.  Become a fan and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  She's always busy working on something new.  You might just find it's something YOU can't live without!

Thanks so much Becky for sharing your scary faced furniture flip!  I'll be sure to have nightmares about that face tonight.  I'm due that though seeing how the guys in my family have all disturbed the quiet and tranquility of your town on one weekend or another.  (She lives in a drag racing comes with the territory.  We're normally not a rowdy bunch.)

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~ Stephanie


  1. those are creepy faces but amazing chairs! love the color choices

  2. Groovy!
    KAY @

  3. scary or nary... I love 'em!!! nice job girl!!!

  4. Love the chairs... I'm so into different colors. Makes me happy!!!

  5. We have a very similar set of table and chairs. How was the table done?


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