Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stephanie Jo's Talking About Stephanie Ann Today...

...yessiree Bob, I sure am!!  Allow me to introduce YOU to yet ANOTHER furniture flipper named Stephanie.  (Change YOUR first name to Stephanie and you can become a part of our secret club!  If you have a shorter middle name than I do, I'll let YOU be the President, too.)

Meet Stephanie of The Shabby Chic Girl.  She gives Stephanie(s) a good name.  Oh, and that Stephenie Meyer lady who wrote those vampire books.  She did a lot for us with her contributions.  Though I don't understand why her name is spelled different than ours.  However, if she can produce a piece of furniture she has flipped, we'll let her in the club, too.  (Bring Edward though.  Oh, and Jacob.  New members buy drinks, too.)

Stephanie hangs with a generous bunch of friends.  How generous?  One of her friends GAVE this MCM china cabinet to her.  G-A-V-E it to H-E-R!!  

Stephanie took one look at this beauty and knew she could give that cabinet some love and attention.  She took off both of the bottom doors.  Then she removed the glass from the top doors and replaced it with chicken wire.  She gave her a good sanding and then painted her up with a custom Benjamin Moore color.  (She's a BIG fan of their paint.  I am, too.  Although, what's with him shortening his name to Ben?  Have you seen his paint cans recently?  Benjamin!  Your mother named you Benjamin, not Ben.)  Okay, Let's take a hard right and get back on that track we were on before I veered off.  Stephanie finished this china cabinet off with a bit of distressing and a good waxing.  

Let's take a look at this lovely china cabinet now...

And a closer look at the lower section...(I hope that's flour in that jar.) 

Awesomely awesome if you ask me!  I bet you want to buy it now, don't you?  Too late!  It's been sold and is resting comfortably in it's new home where it is adored daily.  

You can find The Shabby Chic Girl at Ginger & Spice Marketplace in Walkersville, Maryland.  To follow along with the adventures of this Stephanie check out her Facebook Page The Shabby Chic Girl.  Her enthusiasm will grab you and her furniture and findings will convince you to stick around.   Now, get over there and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'!  

Thanks so much Stephanie for sharing your unbelievably cool furniture flip!  And for not shaming the rest of us Stephanie's.  Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.  (So says Spiderman's Uncle Ben.  Not to be confused with the Uncle Ben from Uncle Ben's rice.  Nor with Ben formerly known as Benjamin Moore.  Although I'm sure he was somebody's uncle, too, just not Peter Parker's.  Three totally different people.)

Get your flip in people!  Email me at furnitureflippin@yahoo.com .  If you don't, I'll show up at your door with my cell phone and starting snapping pics.  Or my neighbor will.  She has a real camera.  Mine broke.  

~ Stephanie


  1. LOVE!! And I just checked my paint cans!! Still say Benjamin!!

  2. LOL Cheryl! Mine do, too. I saw it at the paint store.

  3. What a fabulous revamp!! Congratulations!~ I had to look back and forth at the 'old' to 'new' to see if it was indeed the same china cabinet!! I think you have just inspired me to step out of the box... I also have a mid century modern china cabinet and the dining table and chairs that I am stumped on regarding a face-lift!
    Great post Stephanie!

  4. Thanks Twila! It did make quite a difference in the appearance! I did the same thing as you, scrolled back and forth between the two of them. lol

  5. Oh, how sad. You took a gorgeous piece of Brasilia mid century modern, slapped some ugly paint on some very special walnut, and made a train wreck out of a piece of art. Sorry...not fan. At all.

    1. As a HUGE fan of mid century modern, I agree... this revamp could have been done to a plain jane hutch instead of murdering a beautiful walnut piece! :( That said, I appreciate all the work that goes into furniture refinishing.

  6. Dear Anonymous,
    I respect your thoughts and how you feel about this revamp. (which personally I find very creative and artistic)
    Though what I am bewildered by is the harshness in which you express your thoughts. This Stephanie spent much time, love and consideration in doing this piece up either for herself or for someone who wanted this look. Who are we to judge another person's personal taste?
    One should carefully choose their words..(as I hope I have, and if I did not ..I am truly sorry)
    As courteous humans we can say anything at all...but it is ALL in how we say it... some things are left better unsaid.
    Which Disney character said "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"?
    Respectfully, Twila

  7. I love the before, and the after is very nice also. Glad the piece is being loved. (Can I have the bottom doors, pretty please!! There are georgous!)

  8. Sorry but I also think this is a crime. I would give anything to own a beautiful brasilia piece. Why people insist on slapping paint onto solid wood mcm pieces is beyond me. isnt there some cheap ikea stuff to turn into farmhouse junk without destroying beautiful mcm pieces?


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