Wednesday, June 5, 2013

One Flipper's Addiction...

puts an end to furniture affliction.  

You know those pieces of furniture that everyone points at and whispers about?  The ones that you can tell were once beautiful but the years have taken it's toll on it?  The hard life it's lived is evident on its face and tired worn body.  It's those pieces of furniture who enter the Suite Revivals By Tami furniture rehab center hoping for a second chance at reclaiming the glory that was once their lives.  

Take this guy...he arrived literally broken and distraught, a shell of his former self.  

He once had a career in radio.  You know that saying, "He has a face for radio?"  Well, he was one of the few that avoided that label, until the later years, that is.  

Suite Revivals By Tami repaired his broken leg, reattached his top, and added new shelves.  His faded appearance received a freshening up with the application of black chalk paint distressed lightly, a layer or so of clear wax, and finally he was wrapped in vehicle grade PVC vinyl.

Now this guy is ready to take on the world again.  Here he is after his rehabilitation stay...

Isn't his transformation amazing?  Ladies and Gents, he's available.  You can purchase him and take him home to live out his golden years at your house.  Contact Suite Revivals By Tami for more details.  She has a shop located in Brownwood, Texas.  ~ If you are Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan just move along though.  

Thanks Tami for letting us feature your grand furniture flip!  


  1. Great job. Very nice! Yes, please tell us how you did that!

  2. Wow! That's awesome! It's probably long gone by now!


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