Monday, June 3, 2013

Engineered A Great Design... exactly what Sherri of Painted Vintage reLoved Furniture did with this unique furniture flip!  

Mother's Day was approaching and while the rest of us were pondering lame-o gifts like flowers, candy, hosta plants for the front yard or a trip to the all you can eat buffet for our moms, Sherri was planning a way to make her Mom's day great and in the process make the rest of us look BAD.  Two birds - one stone, you know?  SHERRI!!!  (I told MY mom I wasn't blogging today, thank you very much!)

Anyway, back on track.  Miss Make Us Look Bad began with this...

She took the jewelry armoire and with the help of her trusty little guy, she revamped the exterior with some primer & paint applied with her also trusty Graco HVLP.

The picture she chose to have printed for the front was a special one of her Grandpa Jerry.  Sherri uploaded it to Staples and her giant print was ready for pickup that day.

After carefully adhering the print to the armoire and going with her instincts on a few of the steps with great success she had this lovely piece to present to her equally lovely Mom...

Isn't it flippin' FANTASTIC?  Are you on the phone yet apologizing to your own mother?  Don't feel too bad.  There is always next year.  Sherri at Painted Vintage reLoved Furniture shows us step by step on her blog how to achieve this awesome look on our own.  Go check it out.  Follow along with Sherri on her Painted Vintage reLoved Furniture Facebook page, too.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'!

Thanks Sherri of Painted Vintage reLoved Furniture!  We love your furniture flip and have one question left...any gift ideas we should know about for Father's Day?  We have 13 days left to get our act together! 

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  1. Thanks for featuring my project Stephanie!! I've got nooo plans for Fathers Day, hoping I can steal some last minute ideas from one of your flippers (hint-hint)


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