Friday, May 31, 2013

Puttin' On The Glitz...

As we close out yet another week on "As The Furniture Turns" we have to remember one thing...IT'S FRIDAY!!!  That means party people!!!  Get on your fanciest duds and hit the town.  I swear around here that means changing OUT of your pajamas before you go to Walmart.  Please note - you may find me at Ace Hardware with socks and sandals during the winter months, but you will never see me in my pajamas in public.  Never, like ever.

Enough about dressin' in America's Heartland...Onto today's fancy Friday flip!! 

This one comes to us from Glo at Patina Pizazz .  What a cool name.  Even her first name screams Glamour!  Well, wait until you see what she has done with this...

Since it is Friday and I have a bunch of invites to go through and excuses to make up, I am going to let Glo tell her story today...

~ ~ ~

"My sister picked these up at a garage sale and I remember my first thought – ‘eeek and there’s not one but two’ I said quietly under my breath.  However, they were sturdy and had some nice detail.  They were brown with black flecks in the finish and very ugly but they were a  diamond in the rough kind of item.  If you can look past an objects ghastliness, you’re home free with your creativity, right?   I wait till all pieces speak to me and for some reason these spoke that day (pretty sure they both craved a makeover, but didn’t know it).   

Any who, there was some gunk on the junk (the tables that is) so we used a chemical stripper to clean the tops completely, sanded down to clean wood, wood filled some spots, treated with a primer and they were ready to go.   Now, they weren’t as easy as I make it sound.  You know those people whose friend’s set them up for a makeover but they push back until you make them go all the way?  Yah, those people and that’s what we got with this wood.  We had to strip more than once and actually painted, sanded and then repainted before the tops looked decent enough.  A little swearing along the way – my poor neighbors!  

I think the metallic we chose really brought them back to life.  So, the Patina is the older item it is and the Pizazz is the metallic makeover they received.  Thus my business name."

~ ~ ~

Back to me, Stephanie!  Are you ready for the reveal?  Wait no further, here it is...

These tables are all glammed up now!  Look!  They've made friends with the other fancy tables in their midst.  They kind of look like royalty!  (I apologize for all of the exclamation points - but I really DO talk like that.)

Now whisk on over to Patina Pizazz to see more.

Thanks Glo for letting us feature your dazzling furniture flip.

The rest of you, let's get crazy tonight...print out those coupons and instead of Walmart, I'LL see YOU at Hobby Lobby! 

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  1. Glo's not kidding when she says she talks like that..exclamation points and all..but boy she does pretty right up there with the best!!!


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