Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Don't Fret The Small Stuff, There's A Curio For That!

Imagine have a stressful job and you work hard at it all week.  When your downtime comes around you need a BIG stress reliever.  What do you do?  If you are today's featured flipper you make over furniture.  (That didn't really surprise you, did it?  After all, this IS a furniture flippin' blog.)  

Meet Nancy of Romantic Chic Antique Style And Decor.  She is today's flipper.  Nancy has a slightly warped sense of humor.  She thinks I'm funny.  So, it was only natural that she was drawn to this slightly warped curio cabinet.  

Not only was the door not square because of the warping, but there was also a missing shelf.  Nancy was going to address the missing shelf but instead went a different way.  She sought to create a romantic look, something soft, yet contemporary and a wee bit shabby.  Plus, the simple but defined details on the cabinet needed to stand out and command attention.  Nancy fixed the door and painted this piece in soft complimentary colors.  She also did something else to it, too. 

I'm going to show you the after picture and see how observant you are.

Did you see what she did?  She reversed the fretwork.  Why?  She noticed the fretwork on top was obstructing the viewing of anything placed inside on the single shelf, that's why!  Pretty clever, don't you think?

This piece sold within three days.  Yes, 3 DAYS!!  Nice!  If you live in the St. Petersburg, Florida area, then YOU are in luck, because Nancy sells her Romantic Chic Antique Style And Decor at an antique mall there.  

Thank you Nancy for sharing your superb furniture flip with us!  I'll see YOU at the swamp buggy races!

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