Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Always, Four Hours, And No Matter What...

...okay, so the saying isn't exactly like that.  I changed out the "forever" and made it "four hours" because THAT is EXACTLY how long it took to SELL today's featured flip!

Yep!  FOUR HOURS!!  How's THAT for a turnaround?  

Meet Melodie from thReaDs~n~StUfF.  She was the Good Samaritan who rescued this guy...

Check him out!  He had been sitting alone and neglected in a garage for three long years before Melodie came to his aid.  He was in pieces, his drawer fronts and decorative trim were broken off, he was a mess.  He was one of those pieces that you JUST KNOW had he not been saved by a flipper, he'd have ended up in the dump or on the burn pile.

He was brought home, cleaned up, stripped, and repaired.  She had no choice but to paint him and encountered some problems with bleed-thru with the process.  Luckily for him and Melodie, she had some great painting friends who offered her advice and she took it.  

Melodie painted the top black, stenciled it in cream, painted the rest cream and distressed it a bit.  She kept the original hardware but sprayed it with oil rubbed bronze.  

Are you ready for the reveal?

Isn't he gorgeous?  Impressive transformation!  Melodie's hard work paid off and this guy has a long and happy life ahead of him.

To see more of Melodie's work head over to her thReaDs~n~StUfF Facebook page, give her a like and tell her you saw her furniture flip!  

Thanks Melodie for sharing your incredible furniture flip with us and for saving another piece of furniture from the burn pile! 


  1. Thank you SO much Stephanie for featuring me today on your page!!

  2. Melodie,
    Did you hand paint that on the top? Stencil? It is beautiful.

  3. Wow! That is one gorgeous piece. Hats off to you Melanie :)

  4. Wonderful work Melodie!! This is a stunning piece :)

  5. I couldn't even tell it was a dresser/sideboard/buffet before!!! Great job, and the stenciling is incredible!


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