Monday, June 24, 2013

One More Round...

Today's sofa table transformation was inspired by all of us!  That's what Richard from The Carpenter's Shop San Miguel told me when he submitted today's featured furniture flip.  

It's Monday, it's raining and I'm going to turn over today's post to Richard and let him fill you in on all the details...

~ ~ ~

As solid as a rock was this blue Formica sofa type table.  Painted over with white house paint was this discarded, dirty and scraped up heavy weight.  He had been hanging out at the shop up side down making himself useful as a place to stack scrap wood for kindling.  

Seeing through all the ugly, I knew with a good work out on the bench there was another prize fight in him. Being a clad veneer, heart and soul .  A clad veneer he'd have to remain, but with just a bit more character. The kind you get from  Vintage Salvage old growth lumber.  

Now isn't he a knockout?  Thanks to all and Stephanie.  This flip is now back in the ring.

If by chance this type of over lay veneer clad or whatever you may call it is something that would interest any of you furniture flippers, this table took 13 sq. ft. of 1/4" veneer material that I prepare here at The Carpenter's Shop San Miguel.  That would all fit into a 12x12x4 inch box that'll ship anywhere.  Cost $80 plus shipping.  Gee for that matter the prepared materials for the top would ship too.   Cost $5.25 SQFT .  To see other uses for block code materials visit my blog The Carpenter's Shop San Miguel.

~ ~ ~

Stephanie here again!  I love that reclaimed lumber was used on this piece.  Check out more wonderful uses for reclaimed lumber on Richard's blog The Carpenter's Shop San Miguel and visit his Facebook page, too!

Thanks Richard for letting us feature your awesome furniture flip!  

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