Thursday, April 25, 2013

No Bottle - All Throttle Dresser Makeover

If there were furniture races, then this dresser makeover by Samm & Chris at Little House In The Big D  would definitely get the win light!

Samm & her Triple H Chris have all the luck.  They score quite frequently when they hit the garage sale circuit.  It makes me want to get a covert operation going with a few of you and stake them out so we can get in on the super good deals they find.  We'll need radios, and cell phones, GPS would be good, then you go on ahead of them and I'll tail behind them.  Yell out, "Call it" when you see them spying a piece of furniture to flip.  Or we can just follow their blog, wait until they are finished flipping, and buy it from them.  Sounds like less work that way!

Here is a picture of a $5 dresser they picked up at one of their stops.  Samm calls it Big Boy Blue...
He has some wear and tear on him but he is still a good solid piece of furniture.  There is life left there in that old dresser.  

Chris suggested adding racing stripes to Big Boy Blue and they started work on him.  Cleaning, sanding, priming, taping, painting and totally revamping him.  Want to see him now? 

Here he is...
See!  What did I tell you?  Definitely a winner! 

To see more pictures and the complete makeover step by step, visit Samm & Chris at Little House In The Big D.

Thanks guys for letting us feature your furniture flip!     

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