Friday, April 26, 2013

A Not To Be Forgotten Fainting Couch

A fainting couch, can you imagine owning one?  I can!  Especially after seeing the beauty and attention to detail that Susan from Simply Stone Creek  put into the one she found and revived. 

Here is the beauty before...
Susan fell in love with it and wasn't about to leave it behind.  I think Susan is a lot like the rest of us...when she is excited about a piece of furniture full of history, it consumes her and she doesn't waste a moment tackling the project.  

Upholstery?  Scares me!  Not Susan!  She said this one even had horsehair stuffing.  It was a challenging makeover for her, but as you'll see by the after picture, well worth the effort.  

Direct your attention and get ready to swoon at the finished and exquisite fainting couch...
Isn't that gorgeous?!?   

I shall recline on that couch, have my Triple H bring me a glass of sweet tea and a lace hand fan and there I shall stay.  Forever.  (Try talking like that to your Triple H for a day...say things like, "I shall miss you my love" as he leaves for work.  I did one day.  DROVE HIM CRAZY!   Especially since I called it out loud enough for my neighbor to hearHehehehe!  I shall do that again tomorrow.)

Back to Susan and her fabulous fainting couch. have not even seen the best part of the makeover yet!  I'm not going to show you either.  For that you have to click on over to  Simply Stone Creek and see ALL of the pictures and details of this project.  The after picture above doesn't show the back - AND - YOU - HAVE - TO - SEE - THE - BACK!  Now, off you go!

Thanks Susan for letting us feature your stunning furniture flip!  

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  1. Love this! The only thing I can re-cover is a chair cushion!! Great Job!


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