Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Let's Talk About Sideboards

Yes, let's...first of all, if you say it really really fast it sounds like cyborg.  Secondly, sometimes they are called a buffet.  I've been calling my own, yet to be completely renovated one, a buffet.  From here on out, I'm going to call it a sideboard and if it turns out to look even one-quarter as pretty as the one Kathleen from Between Blue and Yellow re-did  then I might even give mine a first name, too.  After all when I referred to it as a buffet, I added the first name of Phoebe.  Don't hold your breath that mine will turn out anywhere near as good as this one.  I think you'll all agree with me that Kathleen has some serious talent going on.

The one she began with, though attractive, was beginning to show it's age.  There were a few dings and scratches plus some of her bling was missing.  However, it had the potential to be much more.  Here's the before...( I have that exact same garbage can! )
 Kathleen calls the paint she used "oops paint" because it didn't have the label on it so she can't fill us in on the exact name of the color.  She describes the new color as a soft pale blue/gray.  The top she stained dark walnut.  This sideboard is now a beauty.  Want to see it?  

Here she is...
What did I tell you?  Gorgeous!!   

To see more pictures of this updated sideboard visit Kathleen at Between Blue and Yellow .  As with all of our features, grab a cup of coffee before you head over, you'll be there awhile admiring all that her blog offers.  Check her out as well on her Between Blue and Yellow Facebook page.  Let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'. 

Thanks Kathleen for letting us feature your furniture flip! 


  1. You're so sweet! thanks for your kind words about my buffet, hope you have a great week!

  2. Thank you Kathleen for letting us feature it! She's a beauty!

  3. This is one of my favorite painting/staining combos! It looks perfect on this sideboard too, with just the right amount of distressing!


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