Friday, April 19, 2013

Look What Her Husband Dragged In!

I thought I lucked out last week when I got a tip about a dumpster full of furniture free for the picking!  Well, I'd say Sherry at Pondered.Primed.Perfected is the BIG WINNER with her curbside find that her own Triple H (handsome handy husband for those who don't know yet) came across and brought home for her.  What a guy!  He found an entire dining room set!  Table & chairs!  (Hey, my husband:  Look at what her husband found.  Please take note!)

It looked like this upon it's arrival.

Together as a team, they set about making it over and turning it into this:
 Gorgeous!  She could have stopped right there, but Sherry, like a lot of us, likes to change things up a bit.  She whipped up some slipcovers and gave it an entirely different look again.  Check it out...
 IT WAS FREE!?!  Can you imagine that?  What an absolutely stunning furniture flip!  Check out all of the details from start to finish from Sherry herself at Pondered.Primed.Perfected. 

Thanks Sherry for letting us feature your furniture flip! 


  1. Thanks so much for sharing our dining set makeover. This freebie was a lucky find! Loving your new blog and wish you the best of luck!

  2. I saw this on FB and LOVE IT!! If we could all be so lucky! :)

  3. Thanks Sherry for letting us feature you!

    I agree Susan!


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