Saturday, April 20, 2013

What Do You Mean Those Used To Be A Desk?

People A-maze me!  The ideas they come up with leave me wishing I had come up with it first!  Of course, with this fantastic furniture flip I'd have had to come across a desk like I've never seen before and well, I've never seen one quite like it.  

Beth and Nick are a talented couple who can pretty much do anything.  I came across their blog, Sawdust and Embryos when I was looking for backsplash ideas.  You should see their talents in that area!  You won't believe it.  I fell in love with their blog.

Today I want to share with you a furniture flip they did together.

Beth's cousin had given her an old desk complete with a bunch of cubbies, some great trim work and fantastic legs. 
Beth had considered saving it for her young daughters to use one day when awesomeness struck in the form of a really creative way to repurpose it.  You won't believe it.  

She had her Triple H (again, handsome handy husband) set to work taking it apart and turning it into:
See!!  I told you!  Amazing!  Now she had two bedside tables for their master bedroom.  

For the story and step by step of this furniture flip, check them out at Sawdust and Embryos .  While you are there, look at their backsplashes!  Again, amazing.  

I have a sight unseen desk to pick up tomorrow for a furniture flip.  Dare I hope it looks like this one?  

Thanks Beth & Nick for letting us feature your flip!    

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