Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wife Swap - Furniture Flippin' Edition

I don't know about you, but occasionally I get sucked into a rerun of "Wife Swap".  After watching an episode or two with my handsome handy husband, I turn to him and say, "If that show was still on the air, I'd consider going on it.  However, if they chose me, what if I TURNED OUT TO BE THE WEIRD ONE?  There is ALWAYS a WEIRD one.  What if I'm her?"  He assuages my fears by stating emphatically, "Over my dead body will my wife go on that show!"  Hmmm...I guess that's the end of THAT discussion.  However, for the sake of discussion and today's blog post, if I could pick who I'd swap lives with for two weeks it just might be today's featured Furniture Flipper, Theresa of Treasures Rediscovered

Why Theresa?  Because Theresa has experience ranging from jewelry making to painting murals and now furniture flipping.  I could use her mural expertise on a dresser for my very first grandchild's nursery.  I have sketched and finagled and planned...and I haven't got very far on it.  So, if she can come here for two weeks and combine her mural skills with her furniture flippin' skills to knock that one out for me, then I can go to her house and be known as the "weird one" on National TV.  You game, Theresa?  

Until that happens Readers, I'm going to show you this flip Theresa did which began with this French Provincial chest of drawers.  Theresa painted this in Annie Sloan's Paris Gray and then accented it with Pure White

She then taped the drawers off and used a product by Paint Couture in Brilliant White to create the stripes.  

This was followed by painting the hardware silver and finally, clear waxing it all.

Just that subtle difference in sheen with the stripes makes a huge difference.  

I've said this before about hardware that has been updated with silver, it REALLY makes it stand out now.  Whereas before I would have overlooked this style of hardware, now it looks more like jewelry.  It completely sets off this piece.  (So says the lady who RARELY wears jewelry herself except for a gold wedding band and a cheap pair of earrings.)  

Let's take a look at the entire piece...

Beautiful!  Well done Theresa!  (Note to self:  find out what that is behind the last after pic.  Is that curtains?  Wallpaper?  Whatever it is, it sure is pretty!)

You can follow along with Theresa on her Treasures Rediscovered Facebook page.  She's located in North Carolina.  She began furniture flipping a little over a year ago and absolutely loves it.  From the thrill of the hunt to taking old outdated furniture and putting life back into it to the final joy of seeing someone else fall in love with it and displaying it in their own home.  (It's addicting, isn't it?)  Head on over to Treasures Rediscovered and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks so much Theresa for sharing your outstanding furniture flip!

Okay, dear readers it's time to turn the flippin' tables on you!  I know some of you are holding out on me.  You've flipped some furniture in your lifetime.  Let's see it!  Send me the before/after pics and plenty of details to .  It's time we saw what YOU have done.  

See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie


  1. Her work is amazing..".elegantly simple...or simply elegant"....her vision and imagination goes way beyond the norm and feels very comfortable with the "what if."

  2. It is elegant, I love the stripes.


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