Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"I Butter Do Something...

...to change the color and cheap 1970's look" is what Amy from The Cobblestone Market thought when she got this armoire in her possession.

Our furniture flipper Amy was given this piece years ago by an old roommate of hers.  She said she hated everything from the "shocking butter color" to the "fakey fakey fake bamboo trim" and the "bright white paint" on the trim.  About the only thing Amy DID like about this was the storage.  There's NEVER enough storage in a home and Amy wasn't about to let go of what this armoire provided.

So, she rebuilt some of the structure, including adding doors.  Then she painted the whole piece in many layers of greens and blues until she achieved the perfect Robin's Egg Blue tone.  

Amy antiqued the whole thing with homemade brown and black glazes.  Finally, she sprayed the old hardware and added a couple of wood details with the help of Gorilla Glue.  

All in all, Amy totally changed the look of this piece from something she hated into something she adores.  It now holds center stage in her craft room.  She's had many requests to sell it but, Amy can't bear to part with it.  

I can see why.  That barely resembles it's former self.  I adore it, too!

Let's take another look at the entire completed piece...

The Cobblestone Market is located in Portage, Michigan.  Amy, her friend Sheree and sister Meghan all work together to offer vintage - repurposed - and handmade furniture and accessories for sale.  

They currently sell from their booth at Consigned Design but they also offer shipping.  

You can see more examples of their items on The Cobblestone Market Facebook page.  Head on over there, give them a "like" and let them know you saw them on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks so much Amy for sharing your fabulous furniture flip!  

Dear readers, have you submitted a flip of your own yet?  What are you waiting for?  Send me before/after pictures and all of the details to furnitureflippin@yahoo.com .

See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie


  1. Love the doors!

  2. Thanks for featuring us, Stephanie! We really appreciate the support : ) - The Cobblestone Market

  3. Wow, that turned out gorgeous! Love the color.

  4. I love the new color! If you look closely, even the furniture is "smiling" (complete with eyes, nose and mouth)!

    1. I thought the exact same thing Paige! lol

    2. Smiling! Love it. Thanks for the compliments : )


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