Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Oh No! There's No Before Pic!

First things first.  Did you MISS me yesterday?  Did you even NOTICE there was not a fresh blog post waiting to greet you first thing on a Monday morning?  Well, there wasn't.  I was so excited about the nice weather we were having over the weekend that you couldn't drag me inside to write if you tried.  Instead, I made huge progress on our Circa 1915 Dresser - affectionately referred to as the $5 Dresser.  You may recall it was last Wednesday when I gave you a sneak peek at the top that I was stripping of it's incurable veneerial disease.  (She tells that joke every.  Single.  Time.  She.  Talks.  About.  Bad.  Veneer.)  Yes, I do.  Get used to that about me. 

But, this post today isn't about me, it's about Natasha of Trash & Treasure Creations.  Here's the problem though.  Our lovely Natasha did not take a BEFORE picture of the flip I'm going to show you.  Did she have time to take a before picture?  Why, yes, she did.  Seeing how she had this very dated king size headboard languishing around her workshop for OVER A YEAR after purchasing it for the small pittance of $30 from a thrift store, I'd say she had PLENTY OF TIME TO TAKE A BEFORE PICTURE.  Wouldn't you?  Hehehehe...Sorry, Natasha...but you knew I'd have to give you a hard time about not snapping that pic.  

While this piece might have waited a tad bit for inspiration to strike, once it did in the form of this Peacock feather, Natasha wasted no time in bringing her vision to life.  

She knew she wanted to make a bench from the headboard but intended to make it shorter (the headboard measures 6 1/2 feet long). Since it was in great structural shape, Natasha realized that taking it apart in any way would be quite the challenge. So, she decided since her color scheme was pretty bold, she may as well go big or go home.  She built the seat and added chair legs from another project.

She stained the seat ebony and layered on the peacock colors.  She gave some of the accents a metallic gold glaze and then sealed it all with poly.

Let's take a look at the finished piece (and the gorgeous backdrop we've come to recognize as Homer, Alaska), shall we?

And, one more picture from a different angle...

I'd say that bench was well worth the wait.  It's gorgeous.  That's one to pin to your Pinterest board!

You can find Natasha and see more of her custom built and up-cycled work on her Trash & Treasure Creations Facebook page.   There she offers small home furnishings and accessories crafted with locally purchased, reclaimed, or collected materials.  You might remember when I showed you the inferior chest of drawers that she refurbished into a superior piece of art & function.  Head on over to her page and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.  

Thanks so much Natasha for sharing your amazing furniture flip!  Remember, before pic, before pic, BEFORE pic.  

Dear readers, if you have a furniture flip YOU'D like to share, please feel free to email me at furnitureflippin@yahoo.com .  I'd love to see what you've done.

See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie 

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