Wednesday, April 2, 2014

She's A Turquing Girl...

Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do and in this case Julie from Alchemy Vintage Market decided she needed to start turquing*...not to be mistaken for twerking.  I'm not sure if she twerks or not.  Anything's possible, I suppose.  Turquing means she threw off the shackles of Winter white and decided she needed to be more welcoming to Spring by painting this big boy...wait for it...TURQUOISE!!  (I totally made up that word turquing.  REMEMBER THAT!  I am claiming it as my own.  If you use it, you MUST credit me.)

Julie found this china cabinet at her local Goodwill.  She told me that this is the biggest piece she tackled but luckily not the most difficult.  She spent the most time just staring at it and trying to imagine what it wanted to be.  (I do that still with my kids.  Especially the oldest one.  You've met him here before.  Follow him on Twitter.  He wants to reach 500 followers and by goodness, I'm going to help him get there!  Be sure and use the hashtag #yourmommysentme when you do.  See Zachy?  Mommy will always be there for you.)   

Back to the flip...Julie knows that painting furniture white or any variation of that shade sells.  Her clients clamor for it.  In this case though, she really wanted this piece to stand out.  With some encouragement from her friend, a fellow painter, she bought some turquoise paint and got busy with it.  She turned the oops paint into DIY chalk paint and painted the entire piece.  

She had to replace two glass shelves in the piece but opted NOT to replace the glass in the doors.  Julie said all of those glass pieces were broken accidentally by the two strong guys she sent to retrieve this piece.  She jokes, "Never send a man to do a woman's job!"  (I bet those two guys are happy to hear her say that!  Between you and me they probably broke the glass on purpose so she won't ask them to move furniture again.  That's just a guess.  Totally plausible though, don't ya think?)

The black/white damask* is wrapping paper purchased from Walmart.  She attached it with adhesive spray.  Julie kept the original hardware but updated it in an oil rubbed  bronze.  The metal meshwork in the doors was also painted.  (*Damask - I could call somebody that and totally get away with it.  It kind of sounds like an insult when it's really not.  Try it.  Hey damask!  Hehehehe...I literally LOL'ed while typing that.  I need to get out more.)

Let's take a look at this ginormous cabinet, shall we?


Lovely!!   Well done Julie, well done!  That does make me feel more Springy just looking at it.  I love it.  

Alchemy Vintage Market is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  You might recall when I featured a gorgeous desk she previously did.  That one was not turqued.  It was white.  Or a shade thereof.  Click RIGHT  HERE to see that one.   Head on over to Alchemy Vintage Market's Facebook page and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'.

Thanks so much Julie for sharing your fantastic furniture flip!  Keep on turquing girl!   

Can you believe we are half-way through a week of flips already?  None of which are my own.  Yes, I slacked all winter with the furniture flippin' much to my husband's dismay.  Only NOW does he gripe about it and the fact that we can only fit ONE car in the garage because too much furniture is lining the walls.  Uh, well, WINTER'S OVER pal!  They can sit outside now, right?  (The cars...not the furniture.)  But, look!  I'm back at it.  I started stripping veneer last weekend.  It felt so good to be out there, listening to '80's rock and using my iron for something other than ironing clothes.  If the dryer doesn't get the wrinkles out of our clothes, then why should I?  That's not my job.  My last name's not Kenmore.  There you have it.  I'm signing off now because half of you left as soon as I revealed the after pic.
See you tomorrow!
~ Stephanie


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    1. You should know Amanda! You talented furniture flipper, you! I can't believe you sold my chair. My MCM chair I coveted. I hope the person who bought realizes what a find they got! ;-)

  2. Wow, this is really quite stunning!

  3. Thank you Stephanie for the feature!! Love seeing all the transformations from my fabulous furniture flippers!!

  4. oh my WORD. I am in love with this piece! The color is so vibrant!


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