Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hall If I Know...

...where I'd put this awesome piece if I owned it.  That's the problem when you have a house with too many windows and not enough wall space.  Although it would be handy to check the mirror for pepper caught in your teeth on the way out the door because Heaven forbid if somebody were to tell me and save me the embarrassment!  Tracey from Tracey's Place doesn't have these problems because not only has she owned this hall tree for over 20 years but she has a hall to put it in!  She can check her own teeth on her way out the door. 

Tracey knew the time had come to give this piece a makeover.  So, she dug around in her paint stash and pulled out a beautiful sage green color paint.  She painted the hall tree and then did a dark glaze over it.  

She decided she was tired of the mirrored bottom part so she chose to cover that with a textured wallpaper and paint it with the same color/treatment.  

Looks pretty darn good!  I probably would never have thought of doing that.  Although it makes sense!  After all, I know how my feet look.  I don't need a mirror to stand there in judgement of me, silently reaffirming what I already know - that my socks and sandals in the winter time look utterly ridiculous.  

Tracey finished up this piece and now it stands guard in her foyer.  

Check it out while it checks you out, too! 

Flippin' fantastic!  Great job Tracey!  

You can find Tracey's Place on Facebook.  There you will find some awesome examples of her work.  She creates the most beautiful penny rugs.  Those are a lot of work.  I know because I love penny rugs and I've never made one for myself because they are...a lot of work!  Head on over to Tracey's Place and let her know you saw her on Furniture Flippin'!  

Thanks so much Tracey for sharing your gorgeous furniture flip!

We are halfway through the week already!  Can you believe it?  Two more flips until the weekend!  Will it be yours?  There's no chance of that if you haven't submitted your flip yet.  Email me before/after pictures and a bunch of details to .  
See you in the morning!
~ Stephanie


  1. It is beautiful. I love the size and shape of it.

  2. Tracey's Place always makes beautiful things! I found her page a long time ago on FB and I'm so glad I did! Great job as always Tracey!!! :)


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